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Ideas for creating innovative and profitable mobile applications

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Chats, online ordering, news and information search - everything can be done with our smartphone and with a click and swipe of a finger from one page to another we can solve problems, communicate with friends or simply search for information.

That is why, in the world and boom of technologies, it is important to take into account the importance of a good mobile application that helps users in any task of their lives. Here we are going to present some very interesting ideas when it comes to knowing what to create our application.

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The importance of mobile apps today

Today we can say that almost 90% of everything we do on a daily basis is supported by technology. Over the years, it has become part of our daily lives to the point that it is now difficult to perform some tasks or jobs without technology.

Mobile phones have become very important in our lives and with them, mobile Apps have arrived, helping us to have any service at hand without having to leave home.

Nowadays, mobile Apps have positioned themselves as one of the most effective tools for all types of companies as they facilitate and improve the lives of users. Many of the services and products they offer are:

  • Communication: To be able to be in contact with our loved ones being in different parts of the world, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook are the most famous for this.

  • Entertainment: All the apps that make us disconnect and have a good time watching series, listening to music or playing games: Spotify, Netflix, gaming apps in general.

  • Transport: There are apps that make it easier to get around: Blablacar, Cabify, Uber or Yego, to get from one place to another on short journeys.

People spend around 5 hours with their mobile phones, so Apps are a tool that benefits both users and companies as it means a benefit and a very high growth for them. Making yourself known through Social Networks and Apps is essential for every Startup and for every company that is already established.

In the ranking of popularity, there are still those applications located in certain niches to solve particular issues such as online shopping, ticket reservations or home banking, among many other things.

As app downloads increase, so do the options for internet users, hence the importance of having a clear idea of the objective in mind when developing an app: what are users looking for?


6 ideas for mobile applications

A startup is based on an idea and the more innovative and well thought out it is, the more successful it will be. In this technological era, reaching the top is complicated but not impossible, so you must have your idea and your objectives very well structured.

Here are some of the ideas that can make your app grow in the different stores and make users fall in love with it:

  • Food apps: Every one of us has to go shopping at least once a month. Mostly, people tend to choose their things in the first ten days of the month. Therefore, an app that can help the user to add products to their cart throughout the month and schedule it for a set date will be very useful for the user. On the other hand, with the rise of realfooding and improving consumption habits, an app for your business that is based on food recommendations, that reviews every day and offers you ideas and recommendations to have a healthy and balanced diet can be a great idea.

  • Educational apps: With the arrival of the pandemic and confinements, the training sector has been forced to reinvent itself to teach at a distance. It is not just about an online platform to make video calls, but the need to have structures that help motivate and monitor each student. In this sense, it may be a good idea to opt for the design of a tool focused on distance learning.

  • Transportation apps: Apps such as Cabify or Uber provide a unique user experience, more than just hiring a taxi. Features such as price comparison and passenger safety features can earn points when developing an app. With the introduction of such apps, the life of daily commuters has become a breeze and they have helped save a lot of money.

  • Exercise apps: We continue to focus on new habits. One undoubted one that affects us all is the need to exercise at home. A good idea to develop an app can be precisely to focus on fitness at home. Smartphones are full of technology that can be used to offer a unique exercise experience, to motivate and to engage users. You can use geolocation, camera, augmented reality, sensors or even access to wearables to create a unique exercise app.

  • Tourism apps: Another solution in the form of app development can be related to the new way of doing tourism. Creating an app that helps or connects with potential tourists to encourage consumption can be a good idea. For example an app that allows you to create "All Inclusive" services not only in a hotel but also connecting with restaurants, museums, leisure plans and other tourism services. It is important to know the benefits that the current digitalisation of tourism can offer.

  • Augmented reality apps: One of the biggest concerns of a buyer of large products such as furniture or decoration, is the fact of not imagining how the product is going to look in their home. Here augmented reality technology can be very useful to see how the products would look before buying them. Augmented reality apps include virtual showrooms and interactive map overlays.

As you can see, when thinking about app development ideas, you should not only focus on the technological part but also on the business model. Respond to the needs of your potential customer, try to cover those problems, to provide a solution and thus you can make a good business in the development of an app. For this it is essential to have a good team of professionals who will help you and guide you to cover all the needs.


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