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9 benefits of working with HubSpot CRM

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have brought us endless possibilities to adapt companies to the needs of consumers. HubSpot' s CRM has done it following the Inbound methodology. And in this post we want to share with you why it is a perfect platform to integrate all your marketing actions and focus them on the same objective.

Intuitive, easy to use and agile in the management of sales and the company's relationship with prospects. Will you join us?

why work with HubSpot's CRM? 9 reasons why

You've probably heard about this type of management alternative that is ideal for your relationship with your customers, especially because of the amount of benefits that brands that have already implemented it are obtaining. Take a look at these advantages:


HubSpot's CRM allows you to integrate your website and social networks. You can connect them from NOW to create and publish posts and track interactions.

  1. ORDER.

Segment and organise contact information through the creation of lists with which to filter the groups in the database. Want to work more efficiently? It also uses a scoring system, giving each lead a score based on meeting certain characteristics that have been marked by the company. In this way, it allows you to rate each lead according to the actions they take in SQL, MQL, etc.


Follows the contact at each stage of their buyer's journey. It has a dashboard that shows how many contacts there are in each phase, called 'Sales Pipeline'.

  1. FREE.

As HubSpot's own company points out, its CRM is totally free, even if you stop paying your bill: "Why pay for a CRM when you can have one for free?"


In this CRM there are no limits to the personalisation of your actions on social networks, on the blog, on your website or wherever you are acting. Contextual marketing knows that customers are the strong point of any Inbound strategy. So they identify opportunities, choose the segmentation option and apply personalisation in calls to action, emails, etc. Do you bet on contextualised contextual marketing?


HubSpot CRM can be used simultaneously with other CRMs, such as SFDC or Microsoft Dynamics. No problem.


It increases the effectiveness of the company's purchasing processes. For example: this CRM even tracks when a customer opens an email and notifies you with a message.

  1. EASY.

There are no handicaps to implement it in any company's sales department in a simple way.


Real-time updates: The sales department can constantly monitor the status of leads, connecting them instantly or acting quickly, as required.

are you missing some stats? Data on companies following the Inbound methodology

If you are more quantitative than qualitative, here are some data on companies that use CRM systems to manage their Inbound Marketing strategies:

  1. 75% of companies do not have a process to take care of sales opportunities, CRM DOES IT FOR THEM!
  2. Sales teams across all organisations reported a 15% increase in productivity by using mobile CRM applications.
  3. 24% of companies reported an increase in sales productivity when using mobile CRM applications.
  4. A CRM creates a positive customer experience; consequently, 70% of customers who have had a positive experience will recommend that company to friends and family.
  5. They have increased profit margins by more than 2%.

These are data collected directly from HubSpot, but if you want to dig deeper and soak up more and more statistics, we invite you to click on this link. Open your mind!

how long does it take to see Inbound Marketing results?

We know that companies want - we want - to achieve results as soon as possible (increase organic traffic to our website, attract more customers than we have so far, etc.), but let's not forget that our objectives must be SMART:

  • Specific - what do you want to achieve?
  • Measurable: How are you going to measure your efficiency?
  • Attainable: Is your objective reasonable?
  • Relevant - Why is it interesting?
  • Timely - When do you want to achieve the goal?

Be realistic. You can't increase the visits to your website by 50%, from 2,000 to 3,500 in one week, but you can in the next 3 months.

Yes, we know this is an exaggerated example, but we are getting to know each other and we have seen how companies fail because they set unrealistic (OR ZERO) goals.

Be smart, move forward with every step, step hard, but don't run.

do you want to know how companies that are already doing Inbound are doing it?

In one word: AUTOMATION. We are automatic, we save time and increase efficiency. HubSpot CRM is able to automate all your marketing actions with sense and homogeneity. Real-time updates, tracking and organisation is just the beginning of a fruitful relationship between CRM systems and customer management in companies.

do you want to stop wasting your time examining flows and start investing it in the people who are important to your company? At Occam, we're as clear as water.

¡Te ayudamos con tu integración con HubSpot!

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