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how can the design of web interfaces affect conversion?

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One of the main objectives within ecommerce and digital marketing is to have a good conversion within the website, it is the first step to follow in order to get customers and thus increase sales. And to achieve this conversion it is important to look at a number of factors.

what is conversion?

We call web conversion to the action that the user is expected to perform when arriving at a website. It consists of converting the user into a customer or subscriber through a series of marketing techniques, more specifically, getting the user to interact with the website to achieve this action. This not only involves the action of buying, any action expected by the user by the brand, can be called conversion.

It is important to measure it, and this is achieved through the conversion rate, with this you can get a good idea of how is the situation of your website, and not only that, but you will also know which aspects should be improved or which are not working to eliminate them.

what is interface design?

Web interface design is one of the most important stages in a marketing strategy, because thanks to having a good interface and a good design, you will be able to achieve the main objective of any website, to improve conversion.

The web interface is basically the web page itself from the user's point of view, that is, what any user will see when entering your website. That is why the design is so important, it is the face of our brand, what users will see and how they will perceive us. With the design, we are not only talking about the aesthetics of our page being attractive to the user, we do not only want the colours to be liked, we need it to be an easy to understand interface, that the user experience is favourable thanks to the ease of use. If it is a very beautiful page but difficult to use, users will enter, but will leave again.

how should I design the interface of my site to improve conversion?

What is clear is that a good interface design can greatly increase your conversion rate. It is not enough for your website to be user-friendly and easy to use, there are many websites that have a very low conversion rate. So, here is a list of tips with which you can exploit every aspect of your website to the maximum to improve the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Aesthetic design
    The first step within a website is to attract the user's attention, if it is attractive to him, he will interpret it as a quality website and will decide to stay. For this you can take inspiration from the aesthetics of other websites that already have a good conversion, whether they are in your sector or not. The idea is that the design is attractive to the user and catches his attention but you also have to take into account that it is not intrusive, if when the user arrives at your website, he finds a lot of images of your different products, he will feel invaded and will decide to leave your site.

  2. Less is more
    If the design of your interface is minimalist, you will have more options to succeed, the important thing within your page is to correctly convey the message that your brand wants to convey, remember that the design has to be striking but not exaggerated, if your page has many colours and very saturated, calls to action flashy, long texts and lots of images, it means that everything on your page is designed to attract the user's attention, so you do not know what to focus on and end up not looking at anything in particular, which can overwhelm and make him leave the page without taking any action. So, opt for a minimalist design in which there are certain key points to draw the user's attention, as the CTAs.

  3. CTA or calls to action
    This button is the one that really gets users to convert, so it is where you have to focus your efforts to get the user's attention, you have to make sure that the button is visible to the user and it is not difficult to find it once inside the page, but you can not invade your page with this, as it would be too intrusive.

  4. Valuable content
    It is not enough to have a good aesthetic and a friendly interface, we have to get the user to stay and convert, for this we need the content we are offering to be a valuable content for him, if you include in your CTA that valuable content, converting will be a piece of cake. What we want when introducing a CTA on our page is either the information of that user to convert him into a lead and increase our database, or to get him to make a purchase. For this we need to add a valuable content that is convincing enough to get the user to perform the action we want.

  5. Multimedia elements
    We can add images or videos of our products that convince the user of the benefit they can get from our products and services, with this we are getting them one step closer to purchasing our product, as well as adding valuable content to the page and positively feeding our SEO positioning strategy.

  6. Short and simple forms
    Once the user has accessed your CTA, the most common thing is to find a form to fill in to obtain the benefit they want to get, which is usually more valuable information, an offer or a discount. If the user enters their data in the form and finds that it is too long and has to answer too many questions, they will not finish filling it in and we will be losing a lead.

The conclusion to all this is that we have to take into account the design of our interface, because it is the one that can end up achieving that our page has or not a good conversion, which is the main objective of any website. So follow our tips to improve your conversion thanks to the design of your interface, your conversions will go up like crazy!

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