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how to use immersive marketing in my strategy?

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Nowadays, users are familiar with advertising, which is why companies are looking for new techniques to capture the attention of users and attract them to their brand.

Immersive marketing appeared with the aim of improving the user experience and attracting attention in a more effective way. But before we tell you how to use this strategy in your business, we will tell you what immersive marketing is.

what is immersive marketing?

The main objective of immersive marketing is to make the user participate in a specific campaign or action. It is for this reason that it is also known as interactive marketing, because it seeks interaction with potential customers. The purpose of this strategy is to create a brand experience and make the user feel part of it, to generate a memory. The customer not only receives the message of your brand, but also interacts directly with you.

Companies are looking for ways to attract the attention of customers in order to compete in the market. Your brand has to surprise users, generating a positive experience that makes them trust you.

Immersive marketing is used when you want to make an impact on the public, so that they notice and trust your company. To make this possible, techniques are used to generate experiences that involve the user.

How to use immersive marketing in your strategy

As we have explained above, the challenge starts with surprising the consumer in a competitive market to get their attention.

Immersive marketing is created with the aim of making this challenge possible. The main objective of your company will be to involve the user in your campaigns through immersive experiences.

You have to make your customer feel part of your company, create an emotion in them, make them feel important so that they trust you. The important thing is to find the best way to communicate with them.

But, how can we introduce immersive marketing in your strategy? This is where new technologies come in, using them to your advantage to help you in your campaigns. Some techniques you can use are:

  • virtual reality: This technology has advanced strongly in recent years, for example, with the use of virtual reality glasses. The user is immersed in a 3D experience through the use of these glasses. This type of tool immerses the user in your world, as it combines image and sound. You can use this strategy to offer a tour of your company's facilities, or, as some museums do, use virtual reality glasses to enter the paintings and feel part of them.
  • augmented reality: This technique is one of the most used because it is easy to do and implement. You only need to create an application that is adaptable to each device, mobile, tablet or computer, to create an augmented reality experience.
    Augmented reality is an interactive graphic system that allows the user to intervene with digital elements in real time, through the use of videos, images and virtual animations.
    This technology can be used to offer a better experience to your client, for example, using the camera of a Smartphone you can make it possible to change the colours of the wall to choose the one that best suits your house.
  • projection: This tool is not as new as the two previous ones, but it works very well. This technique works very well if you combine it with sound, as the experience is more complete. It is widely used in digital marketing because it does not require a great deal of technology. An example of this type is the projection of collections of painters on real surfaces.
  • interactive videos: An interactive video consists of creating a piece in which the user participates by answering questions, choosing the next step, selecting objects on the screen, etc. The objective is to create a totally immersive experience.
    Interactive videos are being used extensively in online classes, which are currently on the rise, to keep students' attention and engage them in the lesson.


using immersive marketing on social media?

It's clear that social media is a great way to generate and share content, attract customers to your brand and increase engagement.

Immersive marketing can help you to complement your content marketing strategy, to deliver better content to your customers and to get good results for your brand.

Social networks such as Instagram or Tiktok give you the opportunity to play with your audience, as they encourage them to participate. Do not generate static content, such as an image and little else, but take advantage of the video format with audio. Involve the user so that in some way they are the ones who create content. For example, conduct surveys asking them what content they prefer, make a live broadcast where they leave you questions for you to answer, etc.

The key to this type of marketing is to offer your customer an experience that they have never had before, to take them out of the familiar. Thanks to the technology we have described above, you can make this possible and make a difference with your competition. We encourage you to put immersive marketing into operation in your company and check all its advantages .

we hope you enjoyed reading this!

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