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how much importance are you giving to your potential customers?

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For any company that makes up our world, customers are part of its core structure. Is it possible to survive without their presence? The answer is NO.

Over the last 10 years, marketing has undergone major structural changes. The direction of communication and the focus have been two of them. You only have to go out there to see how many companies are betting on their digital transformation in order to improve the customer experience. You only have to see how one-way communication has lost ground to make way for two-way communication. And you only have to see the shift from product-focused marketing to a customer-focused methodology.

So, with all of you... The role of potential customers in your company!

Customers in the spotlight

We don't know if you remember the moment you decided to create an online business. We're not sure if it's been a long time since you did it either. In any case, that's not what matters now, because, regardless of this factor, you thought about the need to have customers to grow, first, and subsist, later. Isn't that right?

The concept of potential customers arises to refer to those people or subjects that, according to a market analysis or marketing study, could become buyers, consumers or users of our product or service. We are talking about potentiality.

In other words, we are talking about those people who need our products or services to cover a need or solve a problem. They are looking for us, even if they don't know it yet, and that is why they end up finding us naturally. To achieve this, we need more than just enthusiasm. We need to design the path of the Inbound methodology in our company.

And you, how are you attracting your potential customers?

This is how the role of the customer has changed with Inbound Marketing

The increase in sales, buyers and customer loyalty is no coincidence. Behind these actions lies a great deal of work, a history, and the effort of companies to improve and build long-term relationships. They have found in the Inbound methodology an effective way to achieve this, above all through the use of the techniques that make it possible: acquisition channels, content, database, branding and marketing automation process, among others.

Therefore, the role of the customer cannot be the same as it was 10 years ago. Things have changed, their ways of buying are no longer the same. The customer has become the centre of companies.

where is the origin of this change?

We have already given you a clue. In reality, companies continue to work to improve the customer experience, because they know that this is a fulcrum for their growth as a brand. The origin of the change can be found in the beginning of Inbound Marketing, and what better way than to mention its creators: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. These founders wanted to solve some limitations of agility, integration and intelligence, so they decided to take action.

Although it all began as an initiative based on the creation of an interface, that action brought about notorious results. We are talking about 2005, when things began to change. Since then, companies have gradually left their comfort zone. It is no longer they who control the information that consumers receive, as was the case before the 1990s, but now the Internet offers us a universe of information.

Now, do you know how much importance you are giving to your potential customers? Remember... Our society revolves around Inbound Marketing!

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