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how to measure the speed page of my website?

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Measuring the speed of your website is essential for your company to prosper. For this, there are web speed tests and multiple tools that we are going to tell you about today. Don't miss them!

why is it important to measure the speed of my website?

  • It affects the SERP: a search engine has a short time to compile results. If your page does not load in that short period of time, it will rank lower on the search engine results page.
  • It affects website traffic: this is a consequence of what we said in the previous point. The slow loading process equates to a 40% risk of losing potential visitors (or worse, buyers).
  • It affects SEO: search engines have their own reputation to maintain, and slow page speed can damage your user experience.

¿Cómo medir el speed page de mi web?     

The best free website speed test tools

  1. gTmetrix- This tool is all about measuring website speed and performance optimisation, giving you a summary of key performance indicators, website monitoring and the ability to test your website in multiple regions around the world.
  2. webPagetest - The WebPagetest web speed test tool allows you to perform a speed test from multiple locations around the world using Internet Explorer and Chrome for free, and key features include multi-step transaction testing, video capture and content blocking.
  3. google PageSpeed Insights - Because Google owns this web speed testing tool, user experience metrics are based on website performance in the Chrome UX Report on both desktop and mobile devices. The test will provide you with both lab and field data, the former relating to performance issues and the latter containing real-time performance data experienced by your visitors. In addition, this speed testing tool is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and independent website owners looking for an easy and straightforward way to maintain their website's performance.
  4. site Speed (Google Analytics) - As part of Google Analytics, Site Speed evaluates web performance based on three aspects: page load time, execution speed and analysis duration, and the web speed test report contains a detailed analysis of individual pages and resource performance, as well as customised optimisation tips.
  5. pingdom - this tool not only performs a super thorough monitoring of web performance, but also monitors downtime. In the same way, Pingdom uses more than 70 locations globally to test all websites .

¿Cómo medir el speed page de mi web?     

  1. keyCDN Website Speed Test - With the option to perform a speed test from 14 different locations, KeyCDN's online checks serve as a handy on-the-fly speed testing tool. And, in addition to a full page web speed test and a geolocation check, the tool can also perform an SSL FREAK attack tester to ensure your website's SSL/TLS security.
  2. dareboost - Dareboost's web speed test tool is capable of tracking performance from 13 test locations and seven devices, the latter of which includes several types of mobile devices. Key features of this tool include the ability to simulate a speed test with and without ad blocking and block specific domains to discover the culprit of poor web performance.
  3. as a software analytics company, New Relic knows all about the application performance industry. Their free online test allows you to test your web performance from nine different regions. Likewise, if you need a broader scope of testing, their paid plans are able to monitor your dynamically changing systems, simulating behaviour to isolate the problem and analyse the business impact of web performance.
  4. loadImpact - This cloud-based web speed testing tool specialises in web, application and API performance issues. Using k6 as an open source, command-line driven load testing tool, issues can be easily detected within the software development lifecycle. While page speed testing is available for free, you must purchase their plan to make use of the tools.
  5. web Page Analyzer: This free tool provides you with the calculation of page size, composition, download time and size of individual components of your website, as customised recommendations are based on the following data: web page size guidelines, as well as web optimisation trends and methods.

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