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how to find the most effective Inbound marketing agency?

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Boost sales. Attract leads. Build customer loyalty. How can you achieve this? Differentiate yourself. If you offer the same as everyone else, you will be just one more in the pack. No matter how present you are and how much you raise your voice, you will not be seen. You need Inbound Marketing. In other words, stop chasing your potential customers and attract them naturally.

and how can you achieve this? Where do you start to define your buyer persona? Know what they are looking for and offer it to them?

In technology solutions, in beauty, fashion, cinema, hospitality... Everyone wants to stand out from the competition, regardless of their size and sector. And to achieve this, they need to find the most effective Inbound marketing agency.

we are going to tell you the keys to find the ideal agency for your brand.

what is Inbound Marketing?

Today we're going to talk about the buzzword, Inbound Marketing. Let's start from scratch, reset your mind.

"Inbound is a business methodology that aims to engage customers by creating valuable content and tailor-made experiences. While outbound marketing (traditional marketing methods) breaks through directly by presenting the audience with content they don't always want, Inbound forms useful connections for the customer in solving real problems."(HubSpot)

how many times have you heard of the Inbound methodology? Do you know if it is applicable to your business? We are dealing with a selective methodology, it does not work for everyone. Think about what sense it would make to apply it to impulse purchase products, such as a notebook, a bag of pipes or two oranges. Inbound Marketing is about educating the user, informing them, providing value. And that does not happen in impulse purchases because you are looking for the 'here and now'.

However, if you are a B2B business, with medium or long purchase cycles, things change. Do you understand?

how do you know if you need an Inbound Marketing strategy?

Before researching which is the most effective Inbound marketing agency for you, let's find out if you really need this methodology. Not all companies are suitable to apply it, and not all of us are receptive to it. Ask yourself:

You should know that with Inbound Marketing you will not get immediate results, as it is a process that works with time and effort. It is worth waiting to get a good ROI, but not everyone is willing to do it. The buying cycle is not fast, it needs the user to become aware of the problem or need, investigate options, consider them and make a decision. And that is not achieved overnight. Even if the first actions start to work tomorrow, the sale will not happen for some time.

  • does the whole team have to be involved?

The effort required for an Inbound Marketing strategy and the involvement of the team is very high. It is not just design, it is not just content. It is a set of all the actions managed from a single platform and working as a team to achieve results. In short, a large part of the organisation will be involved in these objectives.

  • Audiovisual will put the visible face of your brand.
  • Design will transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.
  • Marketing: There are no words, Inbound is in the air.
  • Etc.

  • do I need quality content?

If you are going to carry out an Inbound strategy, you will have heard of content marketing. It is the fundamental leg of this methodology, the vehicle that delivers value to the user to finally convert them into a customer. You can't do without it.

  • do I know who my ideal customer is?

Knowing your potential audience is the first step in any good strategy. To do this, you must define your buyer persona (concerns, objectives, behaviour, demographic information, etc.). This is the only way to guarantee the creation of content that is perfectly focused on the user, that attracts them naturally and makes them fall in love to the point of becoming a loyal customer of the brand.

And much more.

4 steps to choose the ideal Inbound marketing agency

If you have decided to take the step of hiring an Inbound marketing agency in Madrid, you may want to know which one is the most appropriate. This happens to all of us. There are still many companies that do not know how Inbound works, but this post is designed for you.

Step by step to find the most effective marketing agency for your company:

  1. Look at the agency's experience: has it worked with other businesses in your sector? How has its experience been with the digital services you need? How long has it been applying the Inbound methodology? What digital strategies does it implement? Are the digital sites it has worked with optimised for conversion? Does it offer the tools you need to implement the methodology (SEO, email marketing, social networks, CRM...)?

To analyse all this information, you can check on the agency's website if it has a portfolio of clients and projects.

  1. Find out if it is a HubSpot partner. It is the software platform where the Inbound methodology was born, so being part of it is a good indication. The classification is based on metrics such as annual recurring revenue, interaction with the software or the real success of Inbound Marketing strategies. The higher the level of Solutions Partners - Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Elite - the better.

In addition, HubSpot' s CRM allows us to optimise digital strategies and improve customer communication. Today, marketing automation software allows us to manage all parts of the strategy from a single platform: from blog posts, email templates and management of topic clusters, to content marketing.

  1. Take alook at their success stories: what has the company done to achieve their goals and what have been the results with their clients? By learning about some success stories, as well as testimonials from other clients, you will be able to better assess whether this is the right agency for you.

  1. Check the agency's values. Do they match your own? Do you share the same culture? It is important to look at this to determine if you are on the same page to start a new path together. It is not only important to have good values, but also to know how to transmit them. They are your pillars and you must promote them every day.

It is normal that if you are researching different Inbound marketing agencies, doubts may arise. It is not only about trusting a strategy, it is about putting in their hands the growth that you have been looking for so long. To solve them, you can contact Occam Digital Agency.

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