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How to know if my marketing strategy is working

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what good is your marketing strategy if you are not measuring the results? We propose a simple and adapted to your needs way that will allow you to focus on those points that you need to improve in your strategy.

We have already talked about what ROI or Return on Investment is, how to increase it and some factors that influence its growth, such as content creation. Today, we want to go a step further. We want to talk to you about this tool in the context of measurement. We are ready to put all our efforts on the grill to remind you that in Inbound Marketing everything is possible.

Stop asking yourself uncomfortable questions about the performance of your strategy and pay attention to what we have to tell you.

here we go!

Measuring results is more important than you think

We don't know exactly what level of importance you are giving to your marketing strategy or strategies, nor are we quite sure if you have opted for the Inbound methodology or if you are still on the run with other initiatives such as neuromarketing, video marketing, email marketing, etc.

In any case, we want to highlight Inbound because it is a methodology focused 100% on the customer and not so much on the product. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why companies often doubt the possibilities of its measurement. In any case, Inbound Marketing has become the most capable strategy to be measured within the marketing universe.

Measuring the results of our campaigns significantly influences improvement and constant growth. Its importance lies in the ability to measure each and every one of the efforts invested. That is, thanks to ROI, companies can know the results obtained by each of their actions.

And in case you have any doubts..

We know it sounds a bit utopian, but this is a reality that has been gestated in the current forms of marketing. Imagine the following example: suppose you have a business of accessories for household appliances. You decide to invest €5,000 in a Google Adwords campaign, and you have earned €10,000. In this case, to calculate the return, you would have to follow the following ROI formula:

[(Revenue - investment) / investment] * 100 = return on investment

However, the calculation can be much easier than this. This is known to agencies specialised in Inbound Marketing, who work on a daily basis using and measuring efforts in companies of all sizes and sectors. If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to listen to you.

Once the ROI has been calculated, you will be able to discover first-hand the world of possibilities it offers, such as:

  • Make objective decisions based on data and not lightly.
  • Focusing on the weakest points shown by the data.
  • Knowing exactly which elements we need to improve in our strategy.
  • Knowing the benefits obtained based on the effort we have invested.
  • It allows us to take into account factors such as the number of hours spent, costs, etc.

Numbers do not deceive.

Inbound Marketing and ROI: together is possible

Throughout this post we have given you several clues about the relationship between both concepts. To carry out an effective and complete Inbound Marketing campaign it is necessary to implement numerous techniques and coordinated actions, such as the generation of content based on a study of keywords, the inclusion of CTAs or calls to action, landing pages, thank you pages, etc. How do you measure their performance and effectiveness? The answer lies in the return on investment.

This tells us two things: that the need to measure results must be covered with the calculation of ROI, and that the most suitable strategies to achieve optimal measurement of results are those based on the Inbound methodology.

Your growth is leaving its mark... Discover it!

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