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Boost your website with HubSpot Growth Driven Design

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do you have a stagnant website, not in line with your corporate values, not in line with your products? Get ready to start with a growth-driven design.

Companies are often afraid to think about revamping their website because they immediately associate it with a long wait (3 months or so focused on the process, usability testing, content audits, menu sorting...). PATIENCE!

No marketing strategy can sit idle for that long, but HubSpot has the solution: Growth Driven Design. This process doesn't plan to do the whole website at once, but build interactions or sprints for shorter timeframes. It makes performance improvements based on testing, continuous learning and research derived from your visitors.

See how it works.

are you going to start GDD of your website? You can do it with HubSpot

  1. Know how engaged your visitors are

You can learn about their behaviour to make better decisions. Do you know how users interact with your content? Take advantage of integrations such as Wistia (video hosting with increased storage, speed and no ads) or GoToWebinar (created for professionals and businesses to securely host an online event) to see what their level of engagement is. Know the path your visitors have taken to access your value proposition and why they have come to your website.

  1. Personalise user experiences

All visitors are not the same, and your website shouldn't be one-size-fits-all either. Growth Driven Design builds your website with a personalised experience based on the segments and behaviours of your visitors. HubSpot allows you to:

  • Personalise by any HubSpot contact database criteria and Smart Content Forms are an advanced tool that make it possible to collect data progressively and intelligently.
  • Adapt content to first-time visitors (according to the referral source from which they visit, device...).
  • Adapt the content according to the location of the visitors: your site receives many visits from England? Show them the content in their language, you will see how you generate results.
  1. Learn from your users

You can use HubSpot forms to create surveys, or even personalise content based on their registration once they complete the form. You will increase their retention and they are key in an Inbound Marketing project because they are the place where anonymous users can leave their personal data and become leads or sales opportunities.

  1. Focus on what really matters

If you're looking to improve results, focus on that. With Growth Driven Design you don't have to worry about updates and site maintenance. HubSpot's website platform is flexible and designed to make continuous improvements and not waste time on updates. This platform is built with a CDN, firewall, SSL included and built on BootStrap (CSS and JavaScript framework designed to create clean interfaces and responsive design).

  1. Attract visitors

And don't get tired of doing it. Create a website that acts as a visitor magnet, something you can leverage with HubSpot's automation tools (custom CTAs, blog posts, landing pages, lead management, social media, ads, analytics, SEO, CMS, etc.). In short, HubSpot' s marketing platform andCRMis a marketing software that unifies all these tools for your team. It's all-in-one.

  1. Transfer your knowledge and continue to grow

sales and marketing aligned, is it possible? Yes, salesand marketing will have the same tools at their fingertips, making it easier to transfer information and collaborate with each other. They will work on the same user contact record and it will be much easier to tell each other what they have learned.

  1. Know which pages contribute most to conversion and which don't

Thanks to HubSpot's platform we can get key information on attribution and events, withkeymetricsto focuson shorteningthe feedback loop of growth-driven design, as well as improving your marketing.

Learn the reasons why your users are taking a particular action at a particular time and incorporate this insight into your strategy for top performing pages.

  1. Try variations of content - what works and what doesn't?

Text, images, colours, shapes, etc. Instead of redesigning your website every 2 or 3 years with content that no longer fits your company's priorities, Growth Driven Design introduces constant and documented improvements to your site's performance. It does this by testing and researching user behaviour. The result is a site that adapts to visitors and is a smarter way of thinking about web design. If you work with this methodology, it means you are open to change, continuous improvement and adapting to the new preferences of your audience.

Main differences between traditional redesign and GDD

Growth Driven Design de HubSpot

Some already talk about traditional web design as a broken process that generates too much headache and unreliable results. The new approach is called Growth Driven Design (GDD) with a much smarter approach that delivers optimal results using data.

Traditional website design

HubSpot's Growth Driven Design

High time investment

Unpredictable results

High upfront cost

Built on opinions and a traditional approach

No significant results for 2-3 years

Rapid launch and constant improvement

Optimised results and data-driven decisions

Investment spread over time

Smart and systematic approach

Create experiences and tailored content every time

How Growth Driven Design works

New growth-driven design has little or nothing to do with the traditional (re)design of your website.

In the words of Trish Lessar, CEO of Media Junction, "We rely on HubSpot to help us with the growth-driven design process. HubSpot helps us gain insights about website visitors, test our assumptions and make informed decisions about ongoing improvements. In addition, content personalisation and real-time analytics help us continually refine the user experience and take our clients' websites to a whole new level."

See how it works:

  • Start with a growth strategy and think about what you are going to do to understand your audience and how to solve their problems or needs on their journey through your site. Set smart goals, understand your users' behaviour, solve their problems and connect with them.
  • LAUNCHPLATFORM: The Launchpad website (collaborative software development platform) launches quickly and serves as the basis for future site optimisation.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Data is collected, launched live and allows you to identify the most impactful actions to grow your business. You know that high performing websites are not created overnight.

if you're going to invest in growing your business, do it with HubSpot's Growth Driven Design: web design that measures results.

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