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how to increase the conversion rate in my ecommerce?

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The conversion rate, in a nutshell, is defined as the percentage of users who perform an action in your business. It is obtained by dividing the number of goals achieved by the number of unique users who have visited your online shop. For that reason, it is necessary to implement good strategies to increase the rate and obtain loyal customers. Now we tell you about it.

¿Cómo aumentar la tasa de conversión en mi ecommerce?

how to improve the conversion rate of your digital business?

  1. Know your target audience. The first tip we give you to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce focuses on personalising the experience of your users. To offer this personalisation, it is essential to know in depth the profile of your audience. This includes location, age group, tastes, expectations, needs and purchasing behaviour. To get this information, you can use market research, monitoring tools or check the online behaviour of the potential customer. The more details and data you obtain, the greater the possibility of personalisation.

  2. Capture quality traffic: Optimise your online shop for searches by building a solid base of keywords relevant to your company, brand or business. Focus on keywords that have a search volume of less than 10,000 monthly searches and after a few months of creating your blog content and optimising your product pages with the chosen keywords, you can use new keywords with a higher search volume.

  3. Make it clear what you are selling and what your value proposition is. Work well on a direct and very clear message containing the promises you are going to keep for your customer, highlighting why they should buy from your online shop and not from your competitors.

  4. Incentivise users with an irresistible offer (lead magnet). If you are looking to capture leads, it is essential that you look for an incentive that motivates them to provide their data.

  5. Make sure that each segment lands on the right landing page. Adapt each landing page to the profile of the user who is going to land on it. If the user comes from an ad in which we communicate a promotion, make sure that on the landing page there is a banner of that promotion or if they click on an ad of a product category, they should land on a page of that product category.

  6. User reviews - invest in a review collection tool and you will convey a lot of confidence in your business and your products.

    ¿Cómo aumentar la tasa de conversión en mi ecommerce?
  7. Be prepared to resolve doubts. A potential customer with an unresolved doubt will hardly buy from your online shop. The mission of a FAQ page ("Frequently Asked Questions") is to answer the doubts that customers have and prevent them from abandoning the page. Ask yourself what doubts the customer may have and what is the clearest answer so that the customer understands. Some of the most common questions are regarding delivery time, returns, how to make the purchase, etc. Make the purchase as easy as possible.

  8. Make shopping as easy as possible: add as many payment methods as possible, financing options, design the checkout of your online shop with the minimum number of steps possible (one step checkout)... Design your website Mobile First

  9. Design your website Mobile First. 60-70% of the traffic on most websites today comes from mobile devices. Mobile First is a UI design strategy that first thinks about how it will work on small screens (smartphones or mobile) and then adapts it to larger screens such as tablets and computers. Mobile first design is based on providing the best mobile user experience: fast download speeds, rich media content to keep your target audience engaged, easy touch screen navigation, etc.

  10. Use strategically placed calls to action. CTAs or Call to Actions are used as a tool to drive potential customers to take the action you want. Each call to action should be perfectly aligned with the main objective of your website or web page. For example, if you want your visitors to subscribe to a webinar, use banners or buttons indicating the action "sign up for free now".

  11. Offer an excellent 360º service. Satisfied customers will come back to buy from you. For this, not only are all the points we have mentioned above important, but also to ensure that the pre-sales and after-sales service is excellent. Have a customer service chat, avoid errors in the preparation of orders, fast and efficient delivery..

  12. test, analyse and learn. Thanks to web analytics you can determine the reasons why shopping carts are abandoned, why sales are not completed and many more indicators. Remember that it allows you to measure, collect, analyse data and produce reports of results to understand the behaviour of users and ensure the success of your online business.

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