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The hidden keys to Inbound Marketing in the IT sector

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We are back to talk to you about Inbound Marketing, but this time to tell you about the most curious aspects of this methodology. Technology companies are witnessing first-hand its hidden benefits since they started to apply it in the core of their management. That's why today we want to share with you the hitherto unknown aspects of Inbound Marketing in the IT sector.

stop thinking about what you want to say and go for what your audience wants to know!

do you know the most hidden benefits of Inbound Marketing in your sector?

Willing to take a different view to the one we have offered you so far, we wanted to embark on the hidden side of the "fashionable" methodology. Inbound Marketing seems to have become the most effective way of transforming the visits received by technology companies on their website into sales, a fact that has aroused the interest of those who are beginning to hear about this method. We tell you the 4 most hidden benefits of the Inbound methodology:

  1. It is cheaper than traditional marketing. The effort invested in this methodology guarantees the attraction of those who really need you. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, tried to reach everyone. In the end, you end up paying for all those who see it, even if they are people who don't need your products or services. You lose time and money.
  1. You have full control based on data. Visits, leads, closing rates, etc., are translated into real figures based on a solid database that allows us to act and make accurate decisions. As a consequence, measurements can be exhaustive and adjustments can be made accordingly.
  1. Achieve customer trust in the most natural way. The techniques used in an Inbound strategy in the IT sector, consisting of SEO, keywords, content, etc., allow your publications to be placed in the top positions of search engines. This generates a climate of trust towards your content, as appearing in the first results increases the credibility and trust of the user. We don't say it, the data says it: "91% of traffic comes from the first page of results".
  1. It achieves customer interaction and engagement. Attraction marketing allows you to offer valuable and creative content to users, so that, behind this strategy, there is an intention to create and strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer. And you know what is the best thing of all? That technology companies achieve it.

Solution, curiosity and learning are three concepts that are at the heart of the interests of the users that generate traffic. These are the three reasons why they decide to enter the blogs of companies in the IT sector: they are looking for a solution, they are curious and/or they need to learn.

Other curiosities of the Inbound methodology in the IT sector

So far, we have seen how behind the doors of Inbound Marketing there are some benefits that are still unknown to society. Do you want to know more curiosities? Pay attention!

  • it doesn't bother! Until a few years ago, society was used to the unpleasant situation of being confronted, time and again, with advertisements for products and services that didn't even serve them. Sometimes, it was even done in a very intrusive way, so that it interrupted their web browsing and other processes.
  • improve your brand image! Inbound Marketing strategies allow technology companies to maintain a responsive design, customer service, the generation of valuable content, and a long list of tasks that generate a unique image of the company perceived by the public. It is a solid projection.
  • itis not the same as Outbound Marketing! The aim may be the same: to capture the user's attention so that they end up choosing to buy our product or service, but the main difference lies in its exposure to the user, even if they are not looking for it.

Don't think that these are the only curiosities. Soon, we will continue to tell you new secrets about this mysterious world starring companies and users. We continue to talk about Inbound Marketing. You know, the good things never end if there is something to remind you of them.

Inbound Marketing makes things happen

Many companies focus on thinking and thinking. Their managers shuffle through different possibilities, look at alternatives and generate brainstorms that go nowhere. Why? Because they forget the most important aspect: making things happen. The IT sector has been, and continues to be, a witness to this reflection, and the Inbound methodology has become the tool through which to manifest their dreams and achieve them.

Thus, generating new sales opportunities, reaching potential customers, building customer loyalty, simplifying sales and marketing work, and increasing visibility and brand awareness have ceased to be utopias and have become a reality, a reality that now walks hand in hand with all those professionals in the technology sector who have opted to grow based on the Inbound method.

It doesn't matter if the results, at first, are slow, because what is really important is to remain constant. We would like to end this post with a reflection of our own experience: in a social and content era dominated by the digital aspect and information, no one is interested in a brand that only seeks to sell.

don't forget that!

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