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How to grow organically on Instagram

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Almost all of us would like to grow in followers on our social networks and get our brand positioned to obtain great benefits and profits, but it is not such a simple process. Today we are going to tell you about 5 strategies that can help you to grow organically on Instagram. Don't miss them!

Cómo crecer en Instagram de manera orgánica

what is organic growth?

Organic growth is not only about gaining followers, but it refers to increasing the rate of leads, positioning and interactions on the content that is uploaded to an account in order to produce anincrease in sales, and having a greater reach.

Inorganic growth is basically the opposite, that is, it is everything that is used to inflate an account in followers without any strategy behind it. In this type we find bots, follower programs, fake likes or comments...

how to expand on Instagram?

  1. find your own style, don't copy, use people of reference, but always give it your own unique touch. Look for styles that identify you and separate you from the rest, so your content will be more attractive.
  2. don't use robots. Nowadays there are many automated tools to get followers on Instagram, but they are not a good tip to effectively reach your target, as they will damage your accounts or harm them more than they can benefit you.
  3. generate content constantly. Many people or companies publish content once or twice a month, hoping that many people will follow them. But this clearly does not work, especially when you are starting out in the digital world, as social networks are platforms where content is being shared 24/7. For this reason, you need to publish at least 3 times a week and make the most of the stories area.
  4. communities and/or collaborations: More and more companies are helping each other by creating collaborations that translate into: "I share you, you share me, I tag you, you tag me". This way you can reach more people and, therefore, further.
  5. optimise your profile. Optimising your profile allows you to be found by those people you want as ideal clients. For example, in your profile name, we suggest that you include a keyword or keyword associated with your line of business. In the same way, to have an optimised profile you need to have a good description in your biography.
  6. create valuable content. Valuable content is that strategic content that provides quality information to those who read you, in addition, it awakens their interest in important topics for you and for them as readers. A good content strategy focuses on the following axes:

-Educate: This type of content teaches something to your audience, such as advice, tutorials, tips, definitions..

-Entertain: The aim is to entertain with your post by using situations from everyday life.

-Inspire: This content invites you to awaken positive emotions in those who read it, for example motivational phrases related to your niche or tell your story or your beginnings.

  1. interact: Remember that it is not about publishing your post and sitting back and waiting for the followers and direct messages to pour in. You must understand that the purpose of this social network is to connect people with other people and this is done through interaction. To do all this, reply to comments, visit other accounts and leave valuable comments, reply to stories, greet your audience through stories, create polls in your stories, ask them to tell you about themselves using stickers, create content that teaches them how to solve a problem..
  2. use hashtags: Hashtags allow you to maximise the reach of your posts, which translates into high visibility and new followers. Also, always keep in mind that hashtags are indispensable in an Instagram growth strategy.
  3. have a good profile picture - the image should be of high quality, whether it's a photo or a logo, and make sure it's not pixelated.
  4. run promotions and contests. You can offer a free or discounted service or product if users tag their friends and follow your brand's account. Do this about once a month or even every few months and you'll be surprised how quickly your account will grow.
  5. analyse - if you don't know how your pages and posts are performing, you can't improve or optimise their performance on Instagram. Once you have measurable results, you can start to see exactly what's working and what's not, so you can start to understand your follower growth rate, or the number of views your audience is getting of your content.


In conclusion, remember that Instagram is taking the social media world by storm, so following these tips and making sure you're tracking the right metrics is essential. We hope you found this post useful and entertaining!

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