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Tips to improve your brand on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social networks today, which is why more and more brands are using this social network as a means of dissemination and expansion. Today we tell you how to get the most out of Instagram to grow your brand.

The 12 best tips to improve your brand on the social network Instagram

-Optimise your profile: You must optimise your Instagram profile so that users can access you quickly and easily. It is essential toinclude your company's telephone number, the location of your headquarters and a link to your website on your profile.
-Change your public profile to your company profile. If you haven't done it yet, it's time to take the big step. This will be a very useful tool for you as it helps you to know what your audience is like (ages and gender), at what time your followers connect the most and, therefore, atwhat time you can publish content..
-Take advantage of user-generatedcontent . Using the content of another user and giving them credit for it will contribute to making your profile more visible. In the same way,having a participative community on Instagram will allow you to use the content of others to take it to your account.
-Interact with the user: Closely related to the previous point, you shouldrespond to user comments or messages sent to you via private chat,comment on user posts in which the brand has been tagged, give a simple like...This is a super practical and very useful wayof gaining visibility on Instagram and keeping in constant contact with the user.
- Use hashtags. This is one of the most important tools for gaining visibility on Instagram. If you make good use of hashtags when you upload your posts, the reach of your brand can increase considerably. However,you must be very selective when uploading hashtags;you must select hashtags that do not have much competition and that are not very specific.
-Good use ofstories: Instagram stories are currently a key instrument for generating traffic on the network. You can upload all kinds of contentin stories, from a post you have published on your Instagram profile to an article on your website.
-Use Instagram IGTV. This way you share valuable content with your audience in this format and you can receive the corresponding benefits for having advertising on your videos.
-Take care of the quality of your content. As you know, Instagram is a social network that focuses mainly on the dissemination of photos and videos through thestories or feed. Therefore, it is very important that you takecare of the quality of the images you publish, as theywill mostly be images of your products or services and they must be attractive.
-Take advantage of the influence of influencers. Although it sounds redundant,an influencer has an established audience and is able to persuade others due to their level of trustworthiness and reach on Instagram. For that reason,they can help you gain a large number ofloyal followers in a short period of time.
-Use paid advertising- this is linked to gaining new followers on the platform. You can create ads from your own posts or create content to advertise via Stories. Set a budget that fits your goals and you can track the performance of your ads. On average, advertising on Instagram costs between €0.14 and €4.
- Live events are a way to increase engagement with your audience. You can use them to share valuable content with them and take advantage of the trust they gain in you to invite them to buy your product or hire your service with an additional benefit for having accompanied you to the live event.
-Do sweepstakes: the most common way to participate is to ask users to like the post, follow your account and mention a couple of friends in order to get publicity.

Consejos para mejorar tu marca en Instagram

what tools can also help you improve your brand on Instagram?

1.Canva: This is a website with different graphic design functions and is very useful for creating templates for social networks, whether in the format of posts, stories or posters.
2.Linktree: It is a tool that allows you to group different external links within the same link. In the case of Instagram, which only allows one address in the biography, the option becomes interesting to show all the important channels of your profile.
3.Instagram Insights: This is a completely free tool that allows you to measure data from your posts and stories, as well as the behaviour of your followers and other information that can help you determine your strategy.

Instagram is the perfect tool to make your brand visible, for that reason, using the recommendations we have given you can considerably increase your company'suser traffic .

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