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The importance of whitepapers in business

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A whitepaper is a document in the form of a guide whose function is to try to explain to users how to solve a problem or help them understand a specific topic. It is usually between 5 and 15 pages long and focuses on a single topic, trying to go deeper into it.

what is the difference between a whitepaper and an ebook?

Ebooks are basically the digital version of a book and their basic concept is that they are based on ideas and trends of interest, whereas whitepapers, as we have already mentioned, are documents in the form of a guide that work much better in the B2B market and are used to provide solutions to problems or to explore a specific area in greater depth.

Also, always keep in mind that if you are going to make an ebook, it should be longer and more comprehensive than a whitepaper.

what are the advantages that make whitepapers so important for companies?

  1. they increase lead acquisition - when the whitepaper is of high quality it can become a real source of leads .
  2. they draw attention to other content. Because it is deep and complete, the content will address a central theme, but will have several sub-themes throughout its development .
  3. they generate more value for the brand. Whitepapers are the most advanced, technical and detailed content that your Inbound Marketing strategy can have. Moreover, in practice, they are very well received by the user, as he/she looks for them because he/she needs to solve some demand .

La importancia del whitepaper en las empresas

how to make a whitepaper?

  1. define the topic of the material. First, idealise the material so that it addresses an issue and then propose the ideal solution. In the same way, define your audience and think about for whom this material will be offered and how it will impact on who reads it.
  2. structure the line of reasoning of the content. With the issues defined, the task of content is made much easier, however, there is an editorial structure that must be adhered to. It should be presented in this way:

-Minimum of 6 pages, rising to 50 if necessary.

-It should include graphics, images, illustrations, infographics and other resources that enrich the material.

-The structure must contain a title, a summary, an introduction, a problem statement, the solution, successful cases using the suggested product and a conclusion.

-The format should be in PDF format.

  1. create an attractive CTA. Calls to action are links to external links that inbound marketing specialists suggest placing within a content. The objective is to make a call to action (as indicated by its translation into Spanish) in which readers are invited to perform a specific task. For example "Download our basic SEO guide here" is an ideal CTA, first because it includes a verb at the beginning that explains specifically what action visitors will perform and second, because it has a keyword specific enough to tell the reader what they will get in exchange for their click. In this sense, your mission should be to develop a CTA that not only has these two characteristics, but also that is positioned naturally within the content, has an appropriate size and contrasts with the rest of the information. An attractive call to action will make you get the most out of your whitepaper because it starts the conversion process that will lead to the conversion of your content.
  2. develop a form with key questions. After theperson has clicked on the external link to access the whitepaper, a form should automatically appear as a prerequisite for the download. In this way, the whitepaper is nothing more than an excuse for you to collect important data from your potential customers, build more accurate profiles of your buyer personas and generate a lasting relationship with them. In this form, try to ask: name, surname, company or organisation where your visitor comes from, email, position and phone number (optional).


what mistakes should be avoided in the content of your whitepaper?

  • Too superficial or weak research. When research and studies are scarce or very superficial, it is difficult for the reader to have confidence in what is being told. This complicates the flow of attraction, reduces the authority of the company and discards the conquest of leads .
  • Having an unattractive layout. The presentation is a fundamental element in the development of a whitepaper. With the due seriousness that this content demands, it is important to have a layout with an adequate design. Modernity, sophistication and adaptation to the tone of the content must be maintained, providing an attractive aesthetic that makes it more pleasant to read .
  • Leave aside storytelling. Storytelling is an indispensable tool in the development of content, being applied to show the existence of a problem and its solution. This technique is widely used in marketing, precisely because it relates the journey from the emergence of the issue to the moment when someone obtains the solution with the product .

Finally, remember that the whitepaper has the potential to be strategically positive content for companies and to generate leads, so get to work.

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