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How to create a good shopping experience in your shop

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have you ever heard of user experience, do you know what it means, how you can make it successful, do you know how it influences the smooth running of your business? Generating an easy, fast and perfectly informed shopping experience is one of the objectives of every company, especially considering its competitive advantages. However, to achieve this, it takes more than just attitude. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Then, it is important that you continue reading this post.

what is user experience?

It refers to the process carried out by the user when interacting with a product. As you can see, it does not seem a very complex concept. Its origin is closely related to digital marketing, but we should not confuse it with usability. To a greater or lesser extent, all companies want to generate a good experience for customers who access their products or services, so they work on making the purchase process fast, simple and as informed as possible. It is a series of factors that seek a single result. Remember that the experience will depend, to a large extent, on whether or not your users return to your online shop.

How to create a good shopping experience

Sometimes, online shops forget to make the shopping process as easy and fast as possible for the user, because they focus all their attention on making their products and services into something wonderful. Although this is also necessary, it is not enough. That is why we want to encourage you to create experiences that awaken emotions in users. Make your process entertaining and inspiring. How can you achieve this? Here are a few tips:

  1. Generate community. Often, all of us who travel the internet are always looking for things to contribute, information to share, etc. Therefore, your content must be enriching and provide the value that your potential customers are looking for. It will be the easiest way to attract them naturally and get them to share it. Following a content strategy is usually the most direct way to opportunities, but you must start by generating an idea, creating the content, spreading it and optimising it.
  1. Inclusion of CTAs: These are not just flashy buttons, but an element capable of promoting an offer and linking to a landing page. It is the key that opens the way to conversion, the first step to access the creation of leads or sales opportunities. These buttons should be based on clarity and should not be located anywhere on the page. With them, it will be possible to perform quick actions.
  1. Loading speed. Have you ever thought about the level of influence it has on the user experience? Loading must be fast, so it is necessary to optimise our website as much as possible. The speed with which a given site loads is essential to generate a good user experience, because, at the beginning of this post, we already talked about speed. Users have high expectations and expect the page to load in a second or less. Therefore, it is important to work on it and improve it.
  1. Clear and simple web design. It should aim for a responsive design. Resizing and positioning have long since become the main axes of any website, as what is sought is organisation, a kind of adaptation to the width of each device, in general, and to the correct visualisation, in particular. This is an action that directly influences the user experience and that reduces development time and increases the flow of content that circulates through it. Take care of the appearance!
  1. Pay attention: Your users want to receive the attention they need. They probably have some doubts about the information they are looking for, so you should attend to them gently. Try to answer their emails, doubts, comments, keep them informed, share information that can help them and, above all, be grateful when they buy one of your products or services.

If you have ever wondered why you were not generating the expected traffic, despite the effort invested, it is important that you implement these practices. The satisfaction of your customers depends, to a large extent, on you.

Don't forget usability

It is part of the shopping experience that your online shop generates. So much so that some professionals sometimes confuse the two. User experience is not the same as usability, nor does it correspond to the buyer's journey. Usability refers to the "ease with which people can use a particular tool or any other human-made objective to achieve a particular goal".

In this way, we can find different situations that respond to a usable product that does not generate a good user experience, a product or service that is not usable but with a great experience, etc. However, the option that all companies should look for is the following: a usable product or service that generates a unique, fast, simple and perfectly informed user experience.

are you still in doubt?

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