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Tips on how to improve your online shop's website

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what are your objectives? Do you want to increase visits to your website? Do you want to increase sales? Are you clear about the brand image you want to project but don't know how to do it? Do you want to gain more trust from your customers?

You may not know it yet, but websites have become a perfect scenario to achieve these and other objectives. However, many brands are unaware of their real importance. Considering the digitalising winds that are blowing in the background, we are not at a time to hesitate, but rather to act. That is why Occam wants to give you some tips on how to improve your website.

are you ready to say 'yes, I do' to optimising your brand?

10 tips to improve your website

what is it about tips that help us so much? And even more when it comes to such influential topics in our brand, such as websites. A need, a feeling or whatever you want, but you have to pay attention to the way users are seeing you. What do they think, what do they feel and what do they do when they access your website?

Forget about doubts and bet on continuous improvement by applying these tips:

  1. Stop and think for a second and realise how important your brand's online presence is.
  2. Turn your website into a much more intelligent and documented place based on an objective analysis of the current appearance and user behaviour.
  3. Takeconcrete actions to improve in a short period of time and analyse whether your actions were the right ones.
  4. Evaluate the optimisation of your website by constantly supporting it with improvements and marketing actions. This is the only way to achieve a higher return on investment.
  5. Create an intelligent and appropriate design, as it will allow the site to be of higher quality and perfectly aligned with users.
  6. Focus your website on the company's objectives and approach growth from there.
  7. Reinforce the security of the site with trust seals, as this will increase the user's trustworthiness when making a purchase.
  8. Use quality images, because, believe it or not, a good photograph can make all the difference. Originality and attractiveness come into play.
  9. Plan a valuable content strategy on your website, as you will attract potential customers thanks to it.
  10. Get training in web design or hire a professional specialised in Growth Driven Design (GDD), because no one better than them will be able to start the momentum of your website, first, and then your online shop.

why are you feeling the need to improve now?

Apart from the fact that this should be an ongoing challenge, more and more companies are feeling the need to have an online presence and to improve some of its aspects. The globalising world is making us aware of the importance of being present on the internet nowadays. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, websites will make it easier to get to know you.

Therefore, many companies have started to improve their websites for the following reasons:

  • VISIBILITY. there is no doubt about the visibility that websites bring to brands, as there are no availability times to access it. in addition, the presence on the internet allows you to attract potential customers who move around the network.
  • IMAGE: Improving the image of brands is one of the great advantages of an online presence, especially if it has quality images and attractive, high-value content.
  • SALES. Increasing sales is an action that, nowadays, has a lot to do with an optimised website. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase income, as the public reach is greater.
  • Loyalty, both for the customers you already have and for those who will come in the future.
  • UPDATE. They allow you to publish content at any time and place, so you can keep your website updated and your users informed.

can you think of any other reason? We believe that your professional improvement should be a goal in a state of permanent freezing. Is it not possible to improve all the time? Do you know what role design plays in your Inbound Marketing strategy?

¿Hablamos? ¡Reserva tu consultoría gratuita!

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