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how to create the perfect landing page?

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One of the best tools for converting users to leads are landing pages, if you have an online business and you are not getting the desired results with your landing page, in this post we show you what a landing page has to have to be perfect and meet all expectations.

what is a landing page?

In case there is still someone who is not very clear about the concept, let's define it as follows: a landing page is a web page designed specifically for users who land on it to become leads.

Lo normal es dejar dentro de una de las página de nuestro sitio web, (como por ejemplo, la página donde está nuestro blog), un call to action o llamada a la acción, colocarlo de forma estratégica y diseñarlo de forma que sea atractivo para el usuario. Este call to action redirigirá al usuario hacia nuestra landing page, pero ¿cómo conseguir que el usuario llegue a este punto? Muy sencillo, ofreciéndole algo a cambio, podemos ofrecerle más información adicional a la que había en la página o incluso alguna oferta o descuento para uno de nuestros productos, si el usuario verdaderamente está interesado en conseguir esto, pulsará en el call to action y será dirigido a la landing page donde nos cederá sus datos a cambio de lo que le hayamos ofrecido con anterioridad. Esto nos sirve de gran ayuda dentro de nuestra estrategia de inbound marketing, ya que conseguiremos los datos de los usuarios. Esto los convierte en leads, así que ya podemos dirigirnos a ellos mediante esa información personal, lo

what should I do to get the perfect landing page?

First of all, what we have to be clear is that the objective of any landing page is to convert, each brand will want the user to perform different actions within your page such as buying or subscribing, but what all landing pages have in common is that the goal, whether through one action or another, is to convert. To achieve this our landing page has to be very well structured, not only the design is important to optimize the maximum conversion. Let's see how that structure should be so that your page is, or approaches, to the perfect landing page.

  1. Title
    No es la parte más importante de tu landing page, pero es la primera impresión que tendrán los usuarios de ella, el título es primordial porque puede implicar que un usuario navegue o no por tu página de aterrizaje. Lo más importante a la hora de crear un buen título para tu landing page es que contenga las palabras clave, si lo que pretendes es que el usuario nos brinde sus datos a cambio de una oferta en la que vendes una bicicleta de montaña a mitad de precio, si en el título de tu landing no incluyes esta información, será complicado que consigas atraer a tu buyer persona. Después de tener claro esto, debes tener en cuenta que lo mejor para tu título es que sea corto y directo, que el usuario en un simple vistazo sepa lo que estás queriendo decir. Pero también tener un buen diseño en el que podamos resaltarlo para poder llamar así la atención del usuario. Y en ese breve título debe estar bien explicado el contenido de la landing page.

  2. Subtitle
    Like all subtitles, below the title and with smaller font, we must add a secondary text somewhat longer, what would be good for the strategy is that this includes the benefits you can bring to users and the problems you can solve. Something very important within the subtitle is that it also includes the keywords that we have included in the title, but always remembering that we are not creating this for SEO positioning, we are creating it for people, to attract users and convert them into those valuable leads.

  3. Quality image
    What is clear is that to get attention as we want, we have to add audiovisual content, but we can not add just anything, the image we add within the page has to be of quality, it has to look good and above all has to perfectly represent the product we offer. Returning to the example above, if what you are selling are mountain bikes, the image you should include has to be a clear image of a bicycle, but not only that, it would be an added plus to the quality of this photograph that was made in a mountain, that is, that the photograph is colorful and does not have a simple white background. The user to see the image will imagine himself with that bike on the mountain and will be a step closer to decide to buy it.

  4. Form
    This element cannot be missing under any circumstances in your landing page, it is very important that your landing page contains a form in which there are several fields that the user can fill in. The perfect number for these fields? As few as possible, it all depends on what you need to achieve, of course, but if you exceed the number of fields that the user must fill in, it is very likely that he will get tired and not finish the form. So you are losing a lead and a potential customer.

  5. CTA or call to action
    This is closely related to the previous point, if you create a CTA within your landing page, it must be simple, clear and concise, with few words it has to lead the user to carry out the action you want them to do, so the message has to be exactly what you want, if you want them to subscribe to your newsletter: "Subscribe to our newsletter", if you want them to buy your product: "Get our new bicycle".

  6. Contact details
    It is very likely, and at the same time beneficial, that many of your users have doubts about some aspect of your product or service, so leaving your contact details in your landing page is a good idea so that they can contact you as quickly and easily as possible. With this we will be creating a closer relationship with the customer. The best place to add these contact details is at the bottom of the page itself, as we are used to find them here, so users will not have trouble finding our email or our phone if we place them in the place where they expect to find it.

In conclusion, the perfect landing page does not exist, each brand or each business needs different things and they work differently. Following this list of tips, your landing page will surely get closer to the perfect landing page, what is clear is that it will convert more than if you do not follow the tips. Convert your users with your landing page!

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