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how to turn my clients into evangelists?

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Evangelistic marketing is an advanced concept of word of mouth, where you get customers who believe so much in your product that they try to convince others to buy it. But turning your customers into evangelists is not a simple process, however, we are going to give you today the best strategies to do it. You can't miss them!

The best strategies to turn my customers into evangelists

  1. spread knowledge freely and for free. Sharing knowledge that helps others, about the issues they care about, is a key strategy to create evangelists, because that knowledge is what attracts them in the first place many times .
  2. make it easy for people to talk about you. Companies that make it easy for word-of-mouth to spread are the most successful. Also, the easiest and most applicable way to do this is through the stories you tell, which are short, easy to remember and easy to share with others. The better the stories, the more they will repeat them and talk about you.
  3. create controversy: Although this is a dangerous and, a priori, not very recommendable way, the truth is that, if you manage to do it well, it is a quick and effective way to get people talking about us and to create evangelists.
  4. create communities: The creation of groups and communities where you can talk, share more information and control the conversation is fundamental.
  5. give your employees freedom - it's not always advisable to exercise tight control over everything your brand's employees say and do, and you can give your employees freedom of manoeuvre on social media.
  6. use incentives: For brand evangelists, the most attractive incentives are often exclusive or early product trials, access to inside company information and "tours" of company headquarters.
  7. use a sense of humour - if you want to disarm your customers and make them fall for you, make a sense of humour your best weapon in conversations with the consumer.
  8. define your brand well. Remember to define your identity and purpose. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Opportunities) analysis is useful. In addition, create mission and vision statements.
  9. develop comprehensive brand messages. Seek to impress all the senses of your customers. Make sure that the whole customer experience is solid and very homogeneous.
  10. don't over-promise your customers. Your company's primary goal is to meet customer expectations. Overpriced products tend to disappoint users. On the other hand, people who are happy with their purchase tend to come back for another one.

¿Cómo convertir a mis clientes en evangelizadores?    

The advantages of evangelistic marketing

  • Persuasiveadvertising: The first and foremost advantage of evangelists is their ability to spread word of mouth. Personal advice about a product can make a more honest and natural impression than an advertisement on the web.
  • Free support team - if there's one thing evangelists love, it's giving their opinions to other people. They like to share information within the group, which can help you avoid having so many questions in your customer service department.
  • More facts about your product. Another advantage of evangelist marketing is that it helps you get people to spread reviews, case studies and testimonials about your product. It's a great way to attract the attention of potential users.

¿Cómo convertir a mis clientes en evangelizadores?    

Examples of evangelistic marketing

Finally, to end our post on evangelistic marketing we leave you with two great examples of this type of strategy:

  • LuLaRoe.A women's fashion brand, LuLaRoe is a business built entirely on brand evangelism.Salespeople join the company and sell a full line of dresses, shirts, tunics and leggings for women and children.The difference between LuLaRoe and other organisations is its huge brand evangelism that turns women into salespeople.The leggings are known to be 'buttery soft' with some prints, so they sell for hundreds of dollars.Also, women post photos with the hashtag #howdoyouroe, get excited about the brand online and also host pop-up events in their own homes for LuLaRoe salespeople.
  • fatties. This men's shorts and swimwear brand sells shorts with a shorter inseam than traditional men's shorts. In addition, the brand works to make sure customers are happy. For example, when one customer told the brand that his shorts were stolen from his gym locker, they replaced the shorts and gave the man a week of free karate lessons. The customer shared the story and became an evangelist for the brand.

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