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how can Facebook Live help my online strategy?

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More and more companies are aware of the importance of audiovisual content and are taking risks with videos as part of their sales strategy. In the same way, social networks, such as Facebook, also wanted to take advantage of this situation by offering both users and brands the possibility of making live videos, going beyond traditional videos. But what can Facebook Live really offer us? We'll find out right now.

Advantages of using Facebook Live

Some of the many advantages that this tool brings us are:

  • It is a video option already incorporated into Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networks in the world and with a great reach.
  • It is easy to use, just open the application to start broadcasting.
  • Your followers will be quickly notified of your broadcast.
  • They will be able to watch your live video from the news feed without having to go to another site or app.
  • Once the video is saved to your posts you will have access to the video stats to see how many people tuned in, interactions and more.
  • It is possible to block users during the broadcast by simply tapping on the profile picture of the user who has commented on something and clicking "block".
  • Viewers have the option to interact by using the different Facebook reactions or by writing comments.

¿Cómo Facebook Live puede ayudarme en mi estrategia online?

how can I use Facebook Live to improve my online strategy?

In addition to the advantages that clearly help us benefit quickly and noticeably there are some tactics for businesses to collaborate on to boost online strategies and inbound marketing.

  1. Show what's behind the brand image. Bythis we mean showing customers the other side of the online business. This way you can humanise the brand. Examples include showing a day's work at the company or interviewing some of your employees.
  2. Use the question and answer technique. If your product or service requires it , you can carry out periodic question and answer sessions. This is an excellent way of providing direct support . This tactic can also be used to publicise your product and resolve any doubts your customers may have.
  3. Give product demonstrations. This option is excellent for new businesses that are trying to introduce their product to the market or for businesses that want to reach more potential customers. However, in order to be successful, it is best to find an original and attractive way to carry out the demonstrations.
  4. Share customer stories. Customers who are happy with your work are likely to be willing to share their good experiences with your company, soyour potential customers will discover that you are a great option and will be even more interested in your business.

¿Cómo Facebook Live puede ayudarme en mi estrategia online?

Finally, after knowing the advantages and techniques you can use to take advantage of Facebook Live, here are some last tips to apply:

  1. let your followers know in advance about your broadcast, this will generate anticipation and get more viewers to watch your live video.
  2. make sure you have a good connection - it is essential that your video can be streamed smoothly and without getting stuck, otherwise viewers will leave.
  3. Ask viewers to subscribe to your streams- be sure to let them know they can click "follow" to receive notifications the next time you run a stream
  4. Write engaging descriptions before you start - the text should be engaging and able to explain a bit about what the broadcast is about to grab the audience's attention.
  5. interact with your viewers - greeting or responding to live comments is a good way to connect with your followers.
  6. broadcast for a considerable amount of time so that more people have a chance to follow you. The longer your broadcast lasts, the more people will be able to find your video and share it. Facebook recommends broadcasting for at least 10 minutes.
  7. Choose the right time for your Facebook Live videos. As with your other Facebook posts, the timing of your live videos is a key factor so it's best to make sure you live stream when your audience is online. To find out the best times to post you can check your Facebook stats to see what time your posts were most successful and what time your followers are online.
  8. Be creative and consistent to keep your viewers engaged.

Although Facebook Live broadcasting was launched in 2015, it is still a new tool for many businesses who are still unsure about its use and how best to take advantage of its benefits. Our advice is to experiment with it and dare to do a live broadcast. As you have seen, Facebook Live is an excellent feature to share content in a different and original way with your followers and improve your online strategy.

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