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Guide to growing on Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the social networks that is making companies grow the most, it is a search engine that is growing more and more in terms of content and has a great conversion rate. If you have a company and want to promote your brand, Pinterest is a great way to do it. Don't know where to start on Pinterest or you already have an account but your efforts are not paying off? Here we tell you how to grow on Pinterest. Keep reading and optimize your strategy!

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what is Pinterest?

Let's start this guide by telling the most important thing, what the platform is. Pinterest is a platform that works as a social network and as a search engine in which we find all kinds of images, which are usually quite striking for its aesthetics. It is not as popular as instagram or facebook to carry out marketing strategies, but that is what gives a plus to your company when it comes to promoting yourself. You will hardly have any competition!

how to grow on Pinterest in 10 steps!

  1. Be active and participative

    Your pins must be original, but that's not the only thing, you must post pins constantly, so that users find publications of your brand on a regular basis, that will ensure that they don't forget about you, so if they have a need that you can solve, they will turn to you. You should also explore the existing trends within the platform so that your pins are novelty. On the other hand, repinning the pins of other users will also make you grow since you will appear on other profiles and thus get other brands to also show your pins on their profile.

    You can also search your boards for the most relevant pins you have, so you can see what content users are most interested in. Creating groups on Pinterest will also help you to be more participative and reach more people.

    Doing all of these techniques will make Pinterest see that you are active on the platform and will show your pins to users more often.

    that's how followers will start coming to you!

  2. Follow your competitors' followers

    It sounds crazy, but you can't just sit around waiting for followers to show up on your account without doing anything, so following your competitors' followers will get you noticed by potential customers. If those users followed your competitors, it's very likely that they will also follow you as you can also meet their needs.

    To find your competitors, just find the keywords they use in the search engine and filter by people. Yes, SEO exists on Pinterest too, and the search bar is the best place to check. Never forget that keywords can be the key to the success of your pins.

  3. Use the sub boards

    Within your boards, you can also create subboards - don't be alarmed, it's not as complicated as it sounds. What you simply want to do with this feature is to create sections within your profile board, so that it's easier for the user to find exactly what they want without having to spend time within the board searching through thousands of pins. So sections are a great way to reach your target audience. You can create as many subboards as you need, there's no limit, but bear in mind that you should put the most relevant ones at the top, so users won't take too long to find them.

  4. Use hashtags
    Thanks to hashtags, your pins will be updated, that is, using hashtags that are the order of the day, will get users to know that you publish content regularly. And not only that, you will also get your target audience to find you, you can even get viral through hashtags, which since the last update are more visible by the blue tone.

  5. Pinterest rewards longevity
    If you use an old account, it will be better than if you use an account that you have just created, the Pinterest algorithm rewards old accounts as they are one of the characteristics that determine whether a user within Pinterest is serious and committed to your account. This will be much better if the account you have is business, if you already have an account but is not business, it is best that you convert it. If you do not have, create a new account directly business, yes, you will have to invest much time and effort in getting new followers, although the algorithm already knows that it is a serious account, due to the business factor.

  6. Create a group board
    This is a very good option to reach more users, the traffic to your website will grow enormously when you have added collaborators to your account. As it is your own board, you will have the power to set rules for others in order to follow a constant rhythm, and if they do not comply with them, you will have the possibility to expel them. So do not wait any longer and create your community within the board, interacting with other accounts in the sector will make you grow like crazy.

  7. Create infographics

    Images are a great option when it comes to attract users, a visual content will catch them more than a text, the problem is that many times in a photograph we can't add all the information we would like, that's why infographics exist. Why are they so effective?

    • They are 30 times more attractive to the user than an image containing only text.
    • They stand out in the feed above images or text.
    • They convey data in a simpler way for users.

  8. Remove pins that don't work

    Pinterest's goal is to have as many pins as possible, but keep in mind that if half of your pins don't work, it is absurd to have them because the image you are projecting to your followers is one of total failure. It is even very likely that the platform itself will penalise you if it sees that you are not performing. Be careful when deleting and make sure that the pin is not really working, because otherwise it is very likely that you will lose followers.

  9. Focus on your target audience
    In any strategy, focusing on your target audience is the most important thing to get customers, so on Pinterest it wouldn't be any other way, if you study your target audience very well, you will know perfectly which pins will attract your buyer persona. All the content you create within your account should be useful content that our buyer persona will need.

  10. Optimise your name
    Your profile must include your keywords, if you are an audiovisual production company and your name and your profile do not include either of the two words, you are doing something wrong.

If you want to grow on Pinterest, this is the perfect guide to get it, follow all the steps and you will succeed on the platform, remember, be consistent, useful and listen to your target audience, being communicative and participatory. Only taking into account these tips, you will grow. Do not wait any longer and create your strategy to grow on Pinterest.


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