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Google Tag Manager, what is it and what is it for?

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Google has to constantly reinvent itself along with technological advances, and is constantly releasing new tools to make certain tasks easier for its users. As always, it provides us with free tools that it makes available to users.

what is Google Tag Manager?

This is a free Google tool that allows users to simplify the insertion of scripts, HTML code and tracking pixels on our website. It also helps users to track and measure the different milestones that occur on it. It is a tool that helps you create tags and codes for your website. This also helps on multiple occasions within the different marketing campaigns that you are carrying out with your brand.

Tags are fragments of code that we add to a web design as we need them. The use of all these tags is really important if you want to know all the statistics and metrics of your website and its SEO.

This tool was launched by Google at the end of 2012, and was made available to users completely free of charge, thus making the job much easier for them when it comes to making a technical implementation of code within any website, the aim of this tool is for the user to be able to properly track the visits that come to the website in question.

why does it help my marketing campaigns? It makes them not only faster, but also more efficient, and most important of all, more controlled, being able to measure the results and know the conversion funnel you have.

why use Google Tag Manager?

There are more and more companies that create websites to be able to promote not only their products and services, but also their brand. In order to create these websites, what we will need is to implement codes to be able to measure any milestone that occurs within it. Therefore, Google recommends using its free Google Tag Manager tool in order to reduce and simplify the entire implementation process.

still wondering why you have to use this tool? Quite simply, companies that don't use it will have to add the code individually and one by one. This can be a big headache if you are not a coding expert, and can even result in you needing to hire a third party.

Thanks to Google Tag Manager, you will save all this process and we will be able to do it without breaking our heads and without having to hire a third party.

In short, what Google's free tool allows us to do is to add or edit the code tags from the tool's own platform, without having to do it in a much more complicated way in the code of the website itself.

It is true that to install this application at first, you will need the help of a web design and development company, but once you have it, you will be able to take full advantage of it without having any technical knowledge.

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

Once we know why we should use the Google Tag Manager tool, let's talk about the many advantages it brings to our marketing strategy and especially to our website.

  1. It complements Google Analytics
    Having both Google tools is a sure hit, since using them together we can achieve all the objectives as we will be monitoring them. Although this tool is a tag manager, it also works as a tracker, strategy monitor and results tracker. So you can check what your conversion rate is and how your funnel works, which will help you make decisions that will make you improve your strategy.

  2. You save costs
    Thanks to this tool you can be completely autonomous to create and launch marketing actions, you don't need to have great technical knowledge, and you will still have control of your entire website, and you will be able to make changes in the tags that contain errors without having to recreate the code from scratch.

  3. Full control of your website
    The Google Tag Manager tool will allow you to have full control of your website, as well as providing you with security that you would not have if you had to add the codes yourself. It will help you against cyber attacks, as well as viruses that may enter your website. In conclusion, with Google Tag Manager you can rest assured that it has technology designed to prevent any kind of online hacking.

  4. Speeds up the loading of your website

    The tool has multiple functions, among them, it improves the loading speed of your platform, that is to say, it prevents it from slowing down because the tag code is shorter than it normally was in the traditional system.

    The tool contains a debugging and verification option through which you, as administrator, can set up other accounts for your employees and decide what permissions you give them and how far they can go.

how to create a tag in Google Tag Manager?

Now that you are convinced after all these wonderful benefits that the application brings, we are going to give you the guidelines to be able to create a tag step by step.

  1. As a first step, what we have to do is to create a new Google Analytics type tag, indicating whether the code to be inserted is the classic one or the Universal Analytics one.
  2. We will indicate the name and the Analytics identifier.
  3. Finally, what we must do is create a rule and indicate on which pages the tag will be inserted.
  4. Once we have followed these steps, we just have to save and publish, when we publish, the tool will ask us to create a new version of the container.

In conclusion, Google Tag Manager is a very complete tool that helps your marketing strategy and your website, it is very easy to use and you don't need to have extensive technical knowledge to use it. Have you already tried it? What are you waiting for?

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