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Creative branding through corporate video

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Making a video, a logo or a couple of images can't be called branding, no matter how much you like to boast about it, just as you can't confuse visual identity with branding.

Nor can we confuse visual identity with branding, and no matter how hard you try to find a link between them, because visual identity is something much more complex. It has to do with the style of the photographs you use, the typeface, the graphic elements you use to support your designs (textures, patterns or illustrations) and even the colours of the brand. Together, they create the ideal look and say a lot about who you are.

why do you think users identify you at a glance? Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple remain positioned in people's minds?

Easy. They use the power of branding as a differentiator.

Improving your company's branding with video

Branding is, basically, the personality of your brand. The process of building it through the planned management of all its graphic and communicational elements: corporate image and identity, style standards, texts, tone, sensory experience and colours. They influence and determine the brand value.

how does it look? What does it say? How does it make your customers feel? Branding has the answers.

To enhance it, it is more necessary than ever to help you with video, which is the fashionable format for a reason. You choose how you want it: testimonial, corporate, promotional, educational, presenting one of your products or services, informative... Don't forget that all of them have in common the objective of reinforcing the brand image.

  • They provide added value: it is the push that users need to come back from time to time and choose your brand over the competition. You are different and the video conveys this very well.
  • They generate online visibility. They connect with people, travel straight to the heart and capture attention very easily. The audience will only have to press play, and that gives a lot of play in social networks.
  • They transmit emotions: You decide what emotions and values you want to associate the brand with: euphoria, confidence, joy... The type of video will depend on this.
  • They differentiate you. Not all brands are the same, in the difference lies the strength. And the corporate video is a great tool to transmit your professional image and leadership in front of the competition. Because you are worth it.
  • They awaken the memory of the brand. As much as we like to read books, in the end, we love to complement them with their film. The same thing happens with brands, because with the video you will remember the plot, the images and the scenes better.

And if that wasn't enough..

  • Theyalso increase the time spent on the website where they are published. Google takes this factor into account when it comes to positioning you.
  • They reduce the abandonment rate, because what the user is looking for is no longer a block of text, but a video that allows them to easily obtain the information they are looking for.
  • It converts more, the possibilities increase up to 20%.

With the benefits described above you can get good content for your target audience in video format and a brand image that will go beyond their hearts. If you need help to create creative content for your business, you can opt for Occam Digital Agency's video marketing. Experts in audiovisual formats to make a difference!

Advantages of creative branding with video

Corporate video is an art in the universe of digital marketing. It is a quality production that allows us to show first-hand facilities, processes or experiences in a close-up way. The perfect letter of introduction, because it conveys values, brand identity, history, vision and mission, structure, responsibility and much more.

A creative and well conceived and implemented branding will help you to have a stronger brand, and it will also make your communication and marketing work much easier because you will know what, when and how to communicate.

More specifically, branding with video will help you:

  • Connect with the potential audience on an emotional level, speak to them with the language that best identifies them and design an image that resonates with their tastes.
  • Be recognisable, with well-baked branding that allows you to stand out and be memorable, while also highlighting your brand's strengths.
  • Build trust, with a distinctive and consistent brand that customers are clear about what to expect. They are satisfied with their shopping experience.

You heard right, with video.

Summing up creative branding

The main goal of any marketing campaign is to get people to know, love and trust you.

One of the best ways to make yourself known and loved is to present yourself. Corporate video involves defining how you want to appear to others.

Think big, think branding. The public's perception of your brand will directly affect the value placed on it and the behaviour of your customers. So think carefully about how you make your video...

And yes, the power is in your hands, as cliché as it may sound. Correctly defining your creative branding strategy with video will help you reach the customer with clear messages, without the need for advertising.

This process allows you to develop the emotional component that will create a lasting bond with the brand, provoking admiration in those who see you. When you see all that a creative video can do in 1 minute, you will regret all the time you wasted.

Don't chase anyone, you should stop selling products and start selling experiences. It will improve your brand image and, even better, your image.

you will become unforgettable!

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