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how to create a customer loyalty campaign?

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For years, marketing has been based on products without taking into account the customers, and these are precisely the most important link in a sales process, we must take into account that capturing them and accompanying them through the buying process until they make the sale is important, but it is even more important to build customer loyalty afterwards, it is much more effective to build customer loyalty before capturing new leads.

what is a loyalty campaign?

We call loyalty campaign to the set of techniques and strategies that are used to get a user who has already purchased one of our products or services to become a regular customer of the brand and bet on it before the competition.

It is important to build customer loyalty because this leads to an increase in sales, you sell more if the customers you already have trust you as a brand rather than trying to increase sales through new customers. In conclusion, what a loyalty campaign aims to achieve is that the consumer identifies the brand well and establishes a lasting bond with it. And once that customer has become loyal to your brand, they will give it priority and recommend your products or services to other potential consumers. All this is achieved by rewarding the purchasing behaviour of customers, thus creating a feeling of loyalty to the brand that achieves the loyalty we are talking about. The consumer gets some kind of benefit for their purchase, which commits them to the brand and prevents them from ending up with the competition in the near future.

Benefits of the loyalty campaign

Creating a loyalty campaign is not something simple that can be done just like that, for that you have to invest time and effort, having everything very well planned to get it right. But do not worry, because the results will come by themselves. Here is a list of benefits that gives us the loyalty campaign.

  1. You get to know the customer better
    Thanks to customer loyalty, we will get to know them much better, not only by knowing which products they usually buy and which ones they are interested in, but also by providing us with a series of personal details that we can use to our advantage when it comes to knowing what each customer brings to our business.

  2. Segment the customer
    Segmenting our customers is always a good strategy, thanks to this we can show them personalised content so that it is not difficult for them to reach the products that really interest them. We segment customers based on a series of data that they themselves give us, such as their lifestyle, their age range, their predisposition to buy or their hobbies.

  3. Increased revenue
    This is a matter of course, if the growth of your company is increasing due to customer loyalty and the consequent increase in sales, your income will increase with it, as well as saving money on campaigns, as a customer loyalty campaign is much cheaper than a lead generation campaign.

  4. Improve your online reputation

    If your customer is loyal, it means that they are happy and satisfied with your brand, so they will recommend you and speak well of you, something that in the age of social networks can make us reach many people, which makes the reputation of your brand is positive, if there are customers who have already bought and recommend it, it means that it is a good brand.

  5. Know your area of influence
    By having your customers geolocated, you will be able to know what is the area of attraction of your shop, that is, where your customers are and how far away they are from your physical shop, so you can analyse if you have a great geographical influence or if you need to improve this point.

  6. Improve the analysis
    When building customer loyalty, it is clear that the customer is in our database, so we can know not only their consumption and the products they buy, but also their behaviour based on certain aspects.

how to create a loyalty campaign?

  1. Database
    The first step, without which you will not be able to carry out a good loyalty campaign, is to create a database with all your customers, only from here you will be able to choose your best customers to start the loyalty campaign with them.

  2. Define objectives
    In any strategy this is always one of the first steps, it is essential if you want to keep track of what you are achieving with the strategy. It is obvious what the main objective is, but within this there are related sub-objectives, you may want to increase the spending of loyal customers, reward those who have bought to retain them, etc.

  3. Know your buyer persona

    You need to know your audience very well and differentiate them into four types of customers:

    • There are the occasional ones, who buy a specific product.
    • The sporadic, who buy almost by chance.
    • The regulars, who usually buy from your brand but are not completely loyal.
    • And the exclusive ones, who are the most loyal and always come back to you.

  4. Choose the programme that suits you best

    You already know the objectives you want to reach and who your target audience is, knowing this, the only thing left to do is to choose the loyalty programme that best suits those objectives.

    • Multi sponsor: for this one, you will need to partner with other companies as it consists of offering benefits by exchanging the products or services of both.
    • Special treatment: In this programme, we can access more competitive prices or a series of VIP products, this will be only and exclusively for the most loyal users.
    • Points: This is very common, the customer is awarded points for each purchase and when they reach a certain number of points, they will have access to a discount or gift.
    • Reward: Another option very similar to the previous one is to offer the customer a series of discount coupons that will be better as the consumer increases their purchases.
    • Events: In these events, what is achieved is that the customer gets to know the new products and their manufacturers better, thus increasing confidence. This is usually done especially in automobile campaigns.
  5. Dissemination
    It is not enough to carry out the loyalty programme if only the most loyal customers in our database know about it. By publicising this programme on social networks or in our newsletter, what we will be achieving is that everyone knows about your programme, which will attract new customers who want to obtain these advantages.

  6. Results
    Measure your results well to see if your loyalty campaign is bearing fruit and meeting the objectives set. You will see how your profits have increased by a large percentage after creating this type of campaign.

Looking at all these points, what is clear is that a loyalty programme is effective in increasing profits and retaining regular customers, which can also help you get new customers and show that those customers who have already bought our products or services trust us.

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