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5 Content Marketing Success Stories

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The content that brands create can become the way they reach their target audience, which is why you've probably heard of what is known as content marketing, through which many companies have managed to connect with their customers and leads by influencing the stages prior to the purchase of their product. If you want to know more about some of the companies that have succeeded by applying this type of marketing, read on!

what is content marketing?

Content Marketing is based on creating content that can interest the user you are targeting as a brand, i.e. your buyer persona. Thanks to Content Marketing you can accompany the user through the entire purchase cycle, i.e. from the moment the person becomes aware of the need they have until they make the decision to buy a good or hire a service.

During this cycle, it is important to attract the user's attention by providing them with information about the stages they go through before deciding to purchase what your brand offers. It is therefore a very effective strategy for attracting new leads and building customer loyalty.

Key aspects to develop your Content Marketing strategy:

> Define your buyer persona perfectly: It is essential to know who you are targeting and to know them perfectly in order to work on developing content that interests them.

> Offer quality content: It is not enough to create content, you have to attract the user's attention and use this opportunity to build customer loyalty. Create quality content and you will achieve your goals.

> Spread your content, it won't help if you don't know how to get noticed: Having a good idea is useless if you don't know how to get others to discover it. It can help, for example, to know the keys to SEO positioning .

5 examples of brands that applied Content Marketing successfully


    GoPro, the company that revolutionised the audiovisual world with its products, has used a content marketing strategy that, in turn, has served to promote itself through its customers.

    The brand has created a community made up of all those users of its products, who are responsible for generating content and uploading it to the different social networks. The GoPro team searches for this content on the networks and uploads it to its own platforms, creating new content in the form, for example, of compilations such as "top 10's" that are uploaded to its YouTube channel.

    They also organise competitions with cash prizes through which they encourage their users to continue generating content with their products and upload it to their own platform.

    In short, the brand has managed to get closer to its audience by knowing what really interests them and the success has been indisputable: GoPro has 10.4 million subscribers on its YouTube channel and 18m followers on Instagram, where they also upload user-generated content.


    We all know how important social networks are nowadays, to the point of making a brand invisible if it is not active on them. Airbnb was aware of this, so it invested its efforts in creating content on networks. Its Instagram page is a showcase of photographs in idyllic spaces that stand out for their quality. A whole catalogue of images to which it is impossible not to give a few likes, its 4.8 million followers are proof of this.

    In addition, the company was greatly affected by the drop in tourism during the confinement and the months that followed, so, taking advantage of the situation, it launched the "Accommodations for the coronavirus crisis" campaign through, in which hosts could offer accommodation to professionals working during the pandemic if they needed to isolate themselves for health reasons or to stay close to their place of work.


    The US media company, Skimm, has found the key to success in developing an original newsletter that is a hit with its followers. Subscribers receive a short summary of the day's news each day that is tailored to the tone of its target audience: 18-35 year olds.

    The newsletter includes a "phrase of the day", which is usually a quote from someone they know or even tweets that have gone viral. Their intention is that their readers will find in this email a summary of the day's news as if they were being told by a friend. How do they achieve this? Through a friendly language full of amusing comments that fit the profile of their readers and their lifestyle.


    Hubspot is a software developer and marketer that offers marketing, sales and customer service tools to companies of all kinds. Its content marketing strategy includes its blog, a space in which the brand publishes articles designed to resolve any doubts its readers may have .

    In addition, they also have the Hubspot Academy platform in operation, where users can find online tools, ebooks, events and courses with which to obtain different certifications in marketing-related aspects.

    The company has seen the opportunity presented by each visit to their blog, in fact, in each post they offer the reader the possibility of downloading the content as long as they fill in a form with their details. In this way, they generate interest in the user to download content, and the user fills in the form and becomes a lead for the brand.


Superdrug, a well-known British cosmetics retailer, sought to raise awareness of self-image and body perception with one of its campaigns by commissioning graphic designers from around the world to photoshop a woman's image in accordance with the beauty standards of their respective countries.

The result was a campaign with a viral image in many countries, which probably reached your phone or computer at the time. In addition, this campaign was carried out by the Superdrug online doctor service , a platform belonging to the brand itself, which offers users remote medical care.

More and more brands are using content marketing as a way to connect with their target audience and customers. Whether you use a blog, social media or any other channel, content marketing is an indispensable element in your marketing strategy. After learning about these five examples, do you have any ideas on how to push your brand to success through this method?

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