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Online chatbots to help you improve user experience

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Times are changing and so is the way we communicate, especially for online businesses, where they have to communicate with consumers in a direct and effective way. But how to do it if everything is digitalised? Are you one of those who think that only face-to-face or telephone conversations can attract customers? Then, let us show you throughout this post another way to communicate with users taking advantage of today's technology.

what is an online chatbot?

Nowadays the internet and social networks have been stealing the limelight from face-to-face conversations and even telephone conversations when it comes to allowing companies to interact with customers. You are probably wondering how they communicate nowadays or if they have stopped doing it... Of course not! Brands still communicate with their customers but they have adapted to the "new fashions". And chatbots are in fashion.

Chatbots are a tool that is here to stay. They allow companies to communicate with their customers immediately and at any time of the day without the need for a physical person to answer their questions. If you are asking yourself, "how can they do it?" Keep reading.

In short and in a simple way, we can define chatbots as an assistant (a bot) that communicates with users instantly when they want to communicate with our brand. This chat is integrated into web pages, applications, etc. For example, when you enter a web page you have probably received a message asking you if you had any questions and the option to establish a conversation, right? Or you have had a Whatsapp conversation with a company. If so, in both cases you were using a chatbot and perhaps you didn't know it.

Online chatbots are, in turn, computer programmes that use artificial intelligence (AI) in order to understand human language and follow a conversation in real time and be able to respond effectively. Within this category we can find two types of online chatbots:

  • Simple chatbots: This is artificial intelligence software that works with certain commands and keywords. In other words, when the user asks the chatbot questions, it will not understand if it does not use any of the keywords with which it is programmed to respond. In these cases, the bot invites the user to rephrase the question in order to give a valid answer.
  • intelligent chatbots: This is software that also works with artificial intelligence (AI) but has another level of complexity in the way it acts. In this case, the bot does not need keywords to respond to users as it will respond with ideas or suggestions based on the text written by the sender of the message.

Depending on the function we want our chatbot to take on and the characteristics we want it to perform, we can implement one model or another, but both will undoubtedly help us in the relationship with the customer. If you are new to this world, you will not know which platforms you can use to develop your ideal chatbot. That is why we are going to summarise the ten best software applications in which you can develop the ideal one for your business.

Online chatbots that will help you

hello My Bot

It is considered one of the best chatbots on the market because in addition to chatbot it also allows voicebot which is a very useful tool. You can leave scheduled audio messages for your bot to respond to user questions. It also has the Hellomybot Analytics tool that provides more detailed information about users: what are the most frequently asked questions, what are the most common problems they encounter, etc


With Aivo you can also communicate with customers both by voice and audio and it also has the ability to detect emojis or know how to respond even if there are spelling mistakes in the user's message. It has one of the easiest interfaces to use and a tool to see the statistics of the use that customers give to the chatbot.


The software developer that offers a complete suite of marketing, sales and customer service tools for businesses also includes the option to create a chatbot in the web business you have developed with this platform, so you can create it from your own company's website without having to resort to other external developers.


It is one of the most used in online businesses as it stands out for offering the customer a visual support. In this way, you can integrate the tool in the catalogue of your online shop and users can interact in real time while viewing the products.


It is also one of the best chatbots to incorporate because of its ease of use, especially for companies that do not have much knowledge of programming. It also has a free trial period so you can try it out first and see if it is what you are looking for.


It is a very complete communication tool that not only includes the chatbot option in your online business but it is also capable of generating personalised email marketing or includes a video call button.

This is a good option for the customer because if they need more personalised attention they can video call the company through the bot.

Bots Lovers

This is a Spanish company that is on all the lists of the best chatbots for e-commerce. They create voice or text virtual assistants and adapt to the needs of each sector for which they have been created.


If you are looking for a chatbot that is easy to use and easy to integrate into your online business, Chatra will surely be one of your best options. With this bot you can solve customer questions and help them in the buying process. The best thing? It is completely free (although some of the more special options will be paid).

Virtual Spirits

This is a company that has a chatbot developer that will also be a great help if you are looking to improve your sales and customer relations, as it offers personalised conversations. It also has a free trial period.


This is a conversational marketing platform that has been created to help brands save time in conversations with customers and includes different features for its chatbot, such as being able to schedule conversations or schedule meetings.

In short, using a chatbot will help you know how to communicate with customers in a way that is very accessible to everyone. You have to take into account the importance that audiences give to this new communication channel, especially the millennial generation, for example, of which 54% have used a chatbot at some point to complete a purchase process. In addition, 80% of users need assistance before making a final purchase. So why not install a chatbot in your online business and give the user the possibility to know us better? Nueva llamada a la acción}

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