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Content calendar to support your Inbound strategy

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do you know the importance of content in Inbound Marketing strategies? How are you managing yours? Where do you organise content publishing?

In this post we want to tell you about the importance that companies give to the content calendar because it is a fundamental support in the content marketing strategy, first, and Inbound, later. You may not have thought about it yet, but using a content calendar avoids any mismatch and unexpected unforeseen events, as well as solving any problems that may arise.

Foresight can save you a lot of headaches.

why is the content calendar an indispensable support?

We couldn't talk about the content calendar without taking a look at its functions and advantages. However, we are not only talking about the publication of posts, eBooks or pillar pages, but also about social networks. As you probably already know, these are spontaneous places. Suddenly, one day the whole conversation revolves around whether you see a circle or a square in a certain image, but then it dies and is forgotten.

At this point, you've just boarded the content calendar train, and it's up to you to stay on board and join us on this wonderful journey or get off at the next station. In any case, let us tell you one thing: a good content calendar is the ideal companion to bring your posts to life. With this tool, companies succeed:

  • A constant flow, allowing them to optimise processes and efforts in order to keep moving forward.
  • Organisation: It allows you to know in detail the amount of content published, the day of publication, the topic, the strategy, the related content offer, etc.
  • Planning: whether it is for the short, medium or long term, the calendar allows you to plan your content strategy at the times you want.
  • Peace of mind: living with peace of mind is an added value that can be achieved thanks to the calendar, because with it you can be sure that everything related to your publications is in order.

Your control and organisation is projected outwards, increasing the confidence of your customers.

why the calendar and not another tool?

In short, because it is the best tool to meet all the needs that may arise in terms of publication, for example: control the content strategy and social networks, foresee times, greater organisation and anticipation of possible failures, and increase customer confidence.

In short, companies turn the content calendar into a powerful weapon, a kind of machine for publishing and organising quality content. Social networks, writing, keywords and the type of content come together in a single scenario. Ask yourself questions such as: what type of publication will I make? On which networks will I share it? What hashtags will I use? What days will I publish content on the blog? Will it be accompanied by an image or a video?

Now, how are you going to create your calendar?

To do so, it is important to know what you want to achieve, how far you want to go. Many brands wonder how to do it, what factors they should take into account, how they can turn content tasks into a more dynamic task, etc. The reason why we have decided to talk about the calendar today is because it fits what you are looking for. Both you and that inbound marketing agency in Madrid specialised in Inbound Marketing strategies, you can put it into practice from this very moment.

If there are no limits to your imagination, there are no limits to your growth either. In In Inbound Marketing, any decision, no matter how small, can change everything.

Consigue ahora una plantilla para crear tu calendario de contenidos

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