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Revolutionising web design with Growth Driven Design

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did you know that your website is your biggest online marketing asset? How are you taking care of it? The appearance of your website is brutally important. It is the place where all marketing activities are focused. Content? Offers?

The evolution of technologies, the needs and habits of consumers are transforming the way they shop, search or make a query. And, therefore, they are also transforming the way brands sell. Your website is your main showcase. And yours too. Take care of it! Are you up to the challenge?

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do you already know what Growth Driven Design is?

The digital landscape that surrounds the world is introducing the transformation of businesses from the inside out. And your website is the stage for attracting potential customers. Therefore, it is no coincidence that more and more companies are betting on an intelligent and documented web design based on the objective analysis of the page they currently have and the behaviour of users. It is called Growth Driven Design.

The transition of web design towards Growth Driven Design

Traditional web design responds to a series of factors and requirements directly related to time and resources. It requires a great effort for months and it is carried out based on supposed performance improvement points, so it is a subjective design. So what do you do to know that your web design is the right one?

The move from traditional web design to Growth Driven Design starts with an awareness of the need for intelligence to be more efficient. Redesigning an online shop website, for example, is not an easy task, as it is the result of a transition that occurs as a result of the internet and technologies.

They have opened a window to innovation, development and growth of companies, because growth is no longer a matter of a few, but of many. SEO, Social Networks, Content Marketing, etc., converge to obtain shared results that, separately, lose all sense. They provide homogeneity.

Growth Driven Design takes into account different actions and alternates them to improve in a short time, as well as analysing whether the result obtained is the right one. This new design method takes into account the optimisation of high performance websites, because at Occam Digital Agency we believe that it is not possible to obtain a relevant profitability if websites are not constantly supported, with continuous improvements and marketing actions.

what are the advantages that brands get with GDD?

HubSpot has launched the Growth Driven Design certification course, giving wings to GDD and providing the basis to create and optimise a high performance website that offers value to users. Its advantages? We tell you about them in a PIS-PAS:

  • An intelligent design perfectly adapted to the brand.
  • A website focused on objectives.
  • Better economic performance.
  • Adjustments without having to change the entire website.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Methodical and sustainable branding.
  • Simultaneous evolution and progress.
  • User satisfaction.
  • Personalised experiences according to the profile of your audience.
  • An intuitive website that is easy to navigate.
  • Clarity, simplicity, and visual elements that catch the eye and capture the mind.
  • Offer value to the user.
  • Boost the growth of the company.
  • Customisations always based on the user.
  • Opportunity to increase conversion.

are you betting on a permanent construction of your website?

Conclusion on Growth Driven Design

There is no point in redesigning our website if we use a model that no longer works. Smart design drives growth, but we need a deep understanding of the user and the strategy in order to build an effective website that improves permanently. Where to start? Collect user data and try to follow an effective roadmap.

Growth Driven Design is the methodology that revolutionises web design and goes through two phases: strategy-launch and development-continuous improvement. The first phase is where you internalise what you want to achieve.

At Occam Agencia Digital we are committed to a new approach to web design focusing on metrics (bounce rate, conversion on landing pages, calls to action, etc.). The ultimate goal is to obtain a series of reports focused on improving results.

ready to feel the momentum?

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