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do blog and vlog mean the same thing?

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I'm sure more than a few people have thought that this might be a mistake, but they are two different things. We'll help you discover why a blog and a vlog are not the same thing.

A blog is a website where you can write publications, articles, news, product recommendations, etc. A vlog is a video channel where the information is not provided in written form, but through a video. Today many influencers, for example, have both tools to make themselves known and gain more popularity in the online world. Influencers of fashion, design, fitness, travel, among others have both, blog and vlog, to increase the number of followers and provide written and audiovisual content. Go right now to your networks and check which of your favourite influencers have a blog and a vlog.

Now, in order to understand what they are both for, let's explain a bit about each tool.

what is a Blog?

As we mentioned before, a blog is a website where written content is published from time to time. One of the characteristics is that the most recent publication will appear first. In a blog you can publish articles, recommendations, personal experiences, travel experiences, stories, etc. Anyone can have a blog, you don't need to be a professional writer. You need a desire to write, something to tell and know how to write (avoid spelling mistakes and that kind of thing). At this very moment you are reading a blog where we deal with topics within the field of marketing, for example. And just like this one, there are thousands of blogs on various topics waiting for a reader in search of information.

The interesting thing about blogs is that they are a two-way communication channel between the author and the readers, since at the end of the articles or posts you can leave comments. Readers can leave their opinion, ideas, recommendations, answer the author's questions or ask the author questions. The author can respond to these comments and thus generate a closer communication space.

There are many websites that do not have a blog and it is not mandatory. It is recommended, but not mandatory. But why is it advisable to have a blog? Well, if you want your brand to gain a good position on the internet you have to create valuable content constantly. Here comes the copywriter, the famous copywriter who will be responsible for creating the necessary and useful content to attract and capture the reader and future customer. If you want to know more about a copywriter, we recommend you read our post What are SEO and copywriting? Where we explain the benefits that this professional can bring to a brand.

On the other hand, if you are not a brand, you can also have a blog. If you like travelling and you would like to write about it, you can create your own blog. There are free platforms for creating blogs such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.

Below, we tell you a little about these three platforms:

  • WordPress: It is the most used and known for creating blogs. It is considered the best content management system for web positioning. It is also adapted for mobile devices and don't forget that it has a version where you don't have to pay anything for hosting (

  • Blogger: You can create blogs without having your own hosting. Blogger is a free service in the cloud that is not as complete as WordPress, but it is widely used by individuals and even by businesses that do not have much budget. This is the perfect platform for those who are just starting to immerse themselves in the world of content creation. (

  • Wix: You can create your website or blog without having to be a programmer. Wix offers creative templates for your website or blog. Just sign up, answer a few questions, choose your favourite template and start writing about whatever you like. The great thing about this platform is that it has a simple and intuitive editor, free hosting, is compatible with other mobile devices and integrates apps and online services to grow your business.

what is a Vlog?

Video plus Blog equals Vblog. It's as simple as that. They are pages in which the text format is merged with the video format. Influencers use this tool to give information, show their daily life, their opinion on a topic, etc. A Vblog brings many advantages not only for today's influencers, but also for companies. Remember that you can create it yourself or you can collaborate with influencers. The most important thing is that they generate a closeness between the company/person and the audience. To create your Vblog you can use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. The audiovisual content is the key to make your brand known in the online world. But before starting to create your vlog, you must take into account three basic aspects:

  • It is important that you define what you want to achieve with your vlog, whether it is brand recognition, followers for your networks or to increase your sales. You must know your objective, your final goal. Otherwise your content will not have an impact on the right people. Define the return you want to obtain.

  • If you are a brand, you must know how to choose who to collaborate with. Before choosing your influencer, who will be your number 1 recommender, you must know if they are aligned with the values of your brand, as well as if they have a good reach and an audience you want to reach.

  • Focus your content on your consumer. Don't contact an influencer to sell your product in the traditional way. Ask them to use it and recommend it based on their own experience. It is important that they tell how this product solved a problem or met a need. This is how it works today. Focus on providing a solution to consumers and not just on selling your product. Your content must be useful, current and attractive.

Differences between blog and vlog

As a summary, here are some differences between a blog and a vlog:

  • In a blog, content of interest to the author(s) is published periodically.
  • A videoblog or vlog publishes periodic content in video format.
  • The author of the blog is known as the blogger.
  • The author of a vlog is known as a vlogger or Youtuber. You probably have your favourite Youtubers in mind.
  • Nowadays, videos that show the vlogger's routine in their daily life or when travelling are also called vlogs.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of these tools to grow your business if you are a brand or to write about what you like the most if you are an individual. Take advantage of these tools for pure pleasure or to get a return.

Do you already have a blog, vlog or both?

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