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Differences between marketing and advertising

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Although the two terms are sometimes confused, marketing and advertising are two quite different concepts. Today we are going to tell you what they are and how they differ from each other

what is marketing?

Marketing is basically the discipline that studies the behaviour of markets and consumers.

Its main purpose is to attract, capture, retain and keep all new customers; in short, to increase the sales of a brand or a company.

what types of marketing are there?

  • Direct Marketing: Direct marketing is a type of campaign that seeks to trigger a result before a specific audience, based on direct and bidirectional communication.
  • Email Marketing: This is one of the most profitable and effective marketing techniques in terms of return. Send emails to your audience and define your segmentation very well.
  • Viral Marketing: Viral marketing is like a virus that replicates from one human to another, without control and with an amazing capacity for expansion.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is marketing within the digital environment. Social media marketing or search engine marketing (SEO) are examples of digital marketing. It can also include digital advertising, such as paid ad campaigns on social media or ads on the Google ad network.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is a broad and fairly new concept that encompasses all actions and marketing campaigns focused exclusively on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.
  • Performance Marketing: Performance Marketing or Performance Marketing is a methodology applied by several marketing agencies and ensures advertisers that they only have to pay for results achieved.
  • Inbound Marketing: This methodology focuses on the creation of valuable content to attract qualified traffic aligned with your sector, in order to capture potential customers, with whom you can then work towards the final sale.
  • Outbound Marketing: This refers to traditional marketing, to the set of actions focused on selling products or services to users in a single direction, i.e. one-way communication, not two-way: from the company to the user and not the other way around.

Diferencias entre marketing y publicidad

what is advertising?

Advertising is a form of communication aimed at all consumers with the objective of increasing the consumption of a product or service, improving the image of a brand or positioning it in the minds of users and consumers.

In recent years, digital advertising has become increasingly important, as the diversification of formats, ways of charging and audience segmentation options have made platforms more robust and full of possibilities for companies.

what are the main differences between marketing and advertising?

  1. marketing deals with the 4 P's, i.e.price, product, distribution (place) and promotion. Product is what you offer in exchange for money; price is the amount of money you ask for in exchange for the product; place is where your target audience goes to find information about your product; and promotion, which is how customers get to know you. Advertising, on the other hand, is defined as a tool that we can locate within promotion (of the 4 P's), as it is one of the ways in which companies promote their brands and products to the public.
  2. marketing focuses on creating a concrete image of a company to make itself known in the market and to potential customers, while both digital advertising and traditional advertising are based on capturing the attention of consumers, as well as orienting customers towards the sale of the product.
  3. marketing focuses on long-term goals, while advertising aims for immediacy and a direct response from consumers.
  4. advertising is always marketing, but remember that marketing is not always advertising.
  5. advertising is geared towards the promotion of a product or brand, whereas marketing takes into account everything from the product, to the consumers, to the price, to the place, to the process, to the promotion.
  6. marketing aims to increase the company's sales volume by means of different strategies; advertising aims to attract customers to the brand so that they buy the promoted products.
  7. The marketing plan of a company takes everything into account, i.e. public relations, distribution strategies, purchasing processes, sales, etc. Within this general plan for the promotion of a product or service, the particular advertising plan to be carried out is established: advertisements on television, on radio, on Facebook, on Instagram...

Diferencias entre marketing y publicidad

In conclusion, remember that both the marketing and advertising strategies of an organisation are key to its performance.

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