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Top tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

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LinkedIn is the social network par excellence for professionals, so what we publish on our profile must be more serious and representative than what we put on other networks, as it is not only a social network for people looking to establish professional contacts or find a new job, but nowadays it is a great tool for companies in any sector to increase the visibility of their brand.

Los mejores trucos para mejorar tu perfil de LinkedIn

what tips should you follow to improve your Linkedin profile?

  • include images and videos. Publications that include images tend to generate more interactions and traffic than those that do not include any type of audiovisual content. However, we must vary the formats in which we publish and not always stick to a certain structure. It is also important that the image of the videos is of fairly good quality and that the video always shows professionalism in the editing and in its contents.
  • keep your profile updated. Your profile is going to be your showcase, so you must show all the products and services you are going to offer to users. If you want to get new customers or connect with influential people in your sector, it is essential to have an optimal and quality profile. Remember that it is the first thing the audience will see when they click on your name. Therefore, you must also include a good and brief description in which it is clear who you are, what you do and what you offer.
  • segment your audience: The LinkedIn business page is the only profile that allows you to segment the audience you want your content to reach, and you can define which part of your followers you want to reach with that post and thus segment your audience.
  • post frequently. Frequency is key. It is no use posting content one day and not posting again for another two or three weeks. We must be constant in what we publish on our LinkedIn profile.
  • be transparent: it is essential to show your qualities, your values, your strengths, your day-to-day life... Interact with the public
  • Interact with the public. To improve your LinkedIn profile you must interact with the user, either through mentions, responding to comments, thanking them... Not responding to users or not having a direct communication with your public will make them not enter your profile.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags can generate new audiences for your profile. When a person does a search and a hashtag that you have entered in your images or videos appears, all your posts with it will also appear .
  • clean up your network. As we said at the beginning of the post, LinkedIn is more professional than other networks and is not usually used to create new friendships, so people who do not contribute anything should be deleted. You should delete all those inactive people who have nothing to do with your sector or with whom you do not see a possible future collaboration. You have to take into account which people you want to see and which people you want to see your content, so you should pay special attention to the people you connect with.
  • analyse your performance: On LinkedIn you can get information about the performance of your page, so you can see how your profile is doing and what you can do to improve it, evaluate its performance, observe the daily views and demographics of the people who visit your profile..
  • make it easy for people to contact you - if you want people (who are not in your network) to contact you, make a call to action in the summary box by putting your email, website or regular phone number.
  • highlight your English skills. Show off your language skills. It seems obvious, but it is very necessary.
  • customise your URL - LinkedIn allows you to customise your URL, so you can get rid of the numbers and add your profession, brand or anything that shows your professional personality .
  • watch out for spelling and typos - you should proofread everything you write, including your own name, email address ..
  • use tools: Social Selling Index is a LinkedIn tool which is updated daily and allows you to see how effective your profile is .
  • add sections to your profile. A great way to showcase your experience and skills is to add sections to your LinkedIn profile. These not only benefit your professional image, but also make browsing through your profile more entertaining. To add sections simply go to the "Edit Profile" menu and click on one of the many sections the site offers to add to your profile.

Los mejores trucos para mejorar tu perfil de LinkedIn

Remember that LinkedIn is a social network that can bring many advantages to your company if you use it well, so let's hope that this post has helped you and that you get down to work.

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