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Benefits of using storytelling in digital marketing

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The term storytelling has become very fashionable in recent years, and although it is a fairly old technique, it has become one of the most innovative techniques when it comes to communicating.

But what is storytelling?

Es una expresión anglosajona que como su propio nombre indica significa: story (historia) y telling (contar). Consiste básicamente en narrar de forma atractiva una serie de sucesos o conceptos, que deja al final un aprendizaje o especie de “moraleja”. Contar historias es todo un arte, las historias se cuentan para atraer, nadie, en ningún caso, decide contar una historia para que no le presten atención. Contar una historia es mucho más efectivo que decir o contar algo sin ninguna gracia y sin pensártelo mucho, atraes mucha más audiencia trabajando una narrativa sobre lo que quieres decir, y atraerás a mucha más gente, la audiencia prefiere que le cuenten lo que tengan que saber de la manera más sencilla posible. Y se busca lograr un cambio en el espectador, despertarle emociones y crear un vínculo afectivo con él, esto es muy común a la hora de crear una relación entre una marca y sus clientes a la hora de transmitirle sus valores.

Therefore, the objective of this type of tool is to connect emotionally with the viewer using a story about our history, values, etc. If with this story we manage, for example, to make the public feel identified or see in us a story of overcoming, they will empathise with us much more than if they read an article that tells how we grew as a company with a neutral approach.

Benefits of storytelling

1. Retention

The public retains a message that has been transmitted through a narrative and that has told a story better than any other banal message. If you had to remember one advertisement among many, you will surely remember the one that connected with you and made you feel something, the one that emotionally touched you the most.

2. Trust

A brand that uses storytelling to tell its customers a part of them that helps them to know more about its history, manages to increase their trust in it, because the company has dedicated its time and effort to create a different content for its users. Besides, if it has dedicated that effort to let its public know more about the company, it means that it has nothing to hide, which provides transparency since it tells how the company was created and evolved, with no secrets.

3. Humanisation

With all this, what you achieve is to humanise your brand, your audience will stop seeing you as a cold entity and will start to perceive you as a person or a group of people who also feel and suffer, just like them. Appealing to feelings is the key action in this type of marketing techniques.

4. Target audience

If you have researched your buyer persona well, you will know how to connect with them and how to tell your story so that they will remember it. This way, you are already involving them, you know what excites them and you use it. But it is not the only way, if in the story about how your business was established, you include the customers who really made you grow as a brand, they will feel that in the video you are talking about them, they will feel that, even if only a little, they appear in that story. Another idea to involve users is to make a slightly different video but with the same meaning, which consists of the customer appearing in the video with an unsolved problem, to introduce your company afterwards and explain how you will solve that problem together thanks to the products or services of your brand.

5. Virality

This can end up helping your company with marketing, if your video is liked by users, they will end up spreading it, and thus making your storytelling viral, once a video goes viral on the internet, there are usually many news about it, which means free advertising. This will end up getting users to visit more and more of the website, which can lead to a lot of sales.

After these 5 benefits that we have told you, it is clear that making a storytelling is a resounding yes within your digital marketing strategy, but, in case you still have doubts about how to make a storytelling, here are some tips that you should take into account when telling your story.

how to tell a good story that engages my audience?

  1. Build a good message
    Behind every good story there is a message, which is what you really want to convey to the viewer, this must be able to reach the receiver without difficulty. Therefore, the first step is to know exactly what content you want to convey to your potential customers. Keep in mind that on the internet there are hundreds of videos, texts and images that are used to tell stories, so your story must stand out from the others to catch the audience, it must have something new or be very well told, so you will not only attract more audience, but if users are surprised with your story, they will tell it and recommend your content. Thus, you will be remembered.

  2. Consider the space
    One of the most important issues is to know how to choose the setting in which you are going to tell your story, it seems silly, just complementary details to the story, but a good setting can mean that users will remember you. If the setting in which we tell our story is descriptive, it will have more impact on the audience than if we have a blank setting.

  3. Create the characters
    For your storytelling to have real consistency, you must focus on the characters once you have established the message you want to convey, there must always be a significant protagonist, people may remember your storytelling because its protagonist was very striking and attracted attention. You have to choose him very well because this character is the one who will evolve throughout the video, he will undergo a transformation that will lead to convey the main message.

  4. It raises a conflict
    The character evolves throughout the video to convey a message, but its evolution is based on a central problem that leads to a solution that the character himself finds. You have to choose the conflict very well, it has to be very well represented because the audience must show interest in it, if the conflict that the character has to go through is something simple, it will not cause interest in the viewer, what the audience is looking for is a complicated conflict, something that seems difficult to them, a conflict that completely changes the character.

Great benefits, a simple procedure and huge possibilities to grow, do you need more reasons to start creating your storytelling? I don't think so, tell your story and win, succeed and thrill.

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