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Benefits of positioning my website with an inbound strategy

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OK, you've heard about SEO positioning, the importance of positioning your website correctly, visibility, image quality, being clear and concise with the description of your products or services... But you still don't know what the real benefits of positioning your website correctly are.

well, read on! We are going to tell you about them in this post.

what is SEO positioning?

Before we start talking about the benefits of positioning our website correctly, we must know what SEO is. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is a series of content optimisation strategies that aim to improve our position in search engines, for certain search terms, in order to increase traffic to our website.

Therefore, the strategies we use to position our website will be SEO techniques that will not only direct more traffic to our website, but also improve other characteristics, such as: improving the design of our website to make it more attractive to the user, improving the keywords we use to refer to our content on the web, etc.

In short, SEO positioning offers our website many advantages that go beyond finding us in the first position when someone searches for terms related to our website in Google, or in any other search engine.

Having a good positioning on the net will help us to achieve the objectives we have set out to achieve from our online sales, allowing us to generate more profits and, therefore, increase the quality of our brand at a referential level.

are you still not convinced of the importance of SEO for your website? We will now detail 10 benefits for your website that will help you to clear your doubts.


10 benefits of positioning our website

  1. Improve the return on investment
    As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the main objectives of SEO positioning is to drive more traffic to our website. And if possible, this traffic should be of quality. Once we have managed to increase traffic to the website, sales will increase. It is true that not all visitors will become customers, but there will be more chances.

  2. Achieving a long term positioning
    Another very important advantage of SEO positioning is that it is an inbound marketing strategy that will also serve us in the long term. That is to say, if we manage to have a good positioning on the web, and we periodically carry out maintenance to keep us in the top positions of Google or another search engine, it will not be easy for them to "take our place". Therefore, this will help us, in the long term, to find ourselves very high in the search results and, therefore, generate greater profits for our web business.
  3. Increase targeted traffic

    Studies show that 75% of people only click on the first three links displayed by any online search engine when they type in search terms, and only 15% go on to the next page.

    what this shows us is that it is important to be at the top of the search results as the majority of users looking to buy something related to their search will only choose us if they find us first.

    In order to rank higher, it is important to use keywords that help us to relate specific terms to our brand so that users can find us quickly.

  4. Generate more sales

    It is not hard to believe that if the number of visits to our website increases, sales will also increase. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes we can receive many visits to our website but, if the customer does not find what they are looking for quickly, they will go back to the place they came in. This affects not only our sales, but also the bounce rate generated by our website.

    Therefore, SEO positioning not only generates more traffic, but will also help to optimise the conversion rate of our website, i.e. when we use the right keywords and have a website with a lot of visual clarity, the targeted traffic is highly likely to become our customer or at least show an intention to communicate with our brand.

  5. Being "promoted" all the time
    This is one of the advantages of SEO positioning that the campaigns we carry out to increase traffic, such as Google Ads, for example, do not have. When we create campaigns, the moment we stop them, we stop generating traffic. On the other hand, this is not the case with SEO, as it offers us durability over time once our website is optimised.

  6. Knowing how to create good content

    Google does not know how to decipher the content that appears on our website, and even less so when this content is written in Spanish. Therefore, it will position any content. However, it is important that what we write has good keywords, since, when our website is positioned, we want visitors to find on our website what they were looking for and not leave again to go to another company's website.

  7. Gaining visibility for our brand
    When we are at the top of search results on the web, we are gaining a good online reputation for our brand. That is, if we appear in the top positions, we are giving the user a sense of confidence because it means that we are standing out from other companies that do the same. Quality, therefore, is closely linked to this and will make the image of our brand is extolled.

  8. To have a better usability of our website

    Another of the advantages of SEO positioning is that to be well positioned we must improve our website. We must make it as intuitive as possible so that the user finds it easy to navigate it and understand the characteristics of our products or services.

  9. Improve the loading time

    It is also important, when we do the SEO analysis to improve the positioning of our website, to know how long it takes for our page to load. When we enter a page on the Internet, if it takes too long to load, we will leave it without having consulted it.

    Therefore, it is important that we improve the loading times of our website, that it does not contain images that take a long time to load, etc.

  10. Gaining trust
    If Google has placed our brand in the top search positions, it is because the content we offer is of quality, we are experts in what users are looking for and we know how to help them. This means that the user already has a degree of trust in our brand without having communicated with us, which will help us to start a more trusting relationship with potential customers.

how does positioning my website help my inbound strategy?

I imagine you are asking yourself this question once you have learned about the benefits of positioning your brand's website on the Internet. The answer, however, is easy to know.

When we choose inbound marketing for our brand, we are choosing to give priority to our buyer personas, that is, the potential ideal customers to whom we would like to direct our commercial action. This is precisely why a good SEO positioning could help us to develop our commercial strategy. If we are positioned optimally and correctly on the web, with good keywords that refer to the sectors in which we develop our activity, we will get more traffic.

Now, if we get more traffic to our website, it will increase the network of potential customers among which are our buyer personas, right? If they have entered our website is because they are looking for help in what our brand does best and that is where we can begin to develop our strategy for users to become customers.

If we have definitely convinced you with this post of the importance of positioning yourself well on the web and how this will help us to develop our inbound marketing strategy...It's time to get down to work with the optimisation of your website!

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