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Benefits of digital marketing

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As you already know, nowadays implementing a digital marketing strategy is vital for any business or company. Now we will tell you the main benefits. Pay attention!

what are the main benefits of digital marketing?

  1. it is very profitable: Using digital marketing techniques to promote your company, investment costs are significantly minimised, implying a significant saving that can even be allocated as part of the benefits for your employees, i.e., with less investment it is possible to obtain better and greater results.
  2. convert. One of the purposes of digital marketing is to increase the possibilities of converting visitors into leads, subscriptions or even sales, that is, to be found on the web by interested visitors. To do this, you have to focus on improving search engine positioning, develop a social media strategy and design email marketing actions, among many others. The simple fact of building your own audience through interaction with your audience allows you to humanise your brand, and increase your conversion rates in your existing traffic.
  3. create direct contact with the audience. The technological era allows a personalised experience, direct and effective treatment becomes greater engagement and therefore greater customer satisfaction. Similarly, customers have more power and tools to promote or discredit the brand, so it is essential to offer a better service every day.

Beneficios del marketing digital

  1. it allows you to position your brand. The interest you show in the opinions and evaluations of your company will make a difference. Users trust the opinion of other users enormously, so taking care in the attention and feedback in the different communication channels will improve the recognition of your brand and the reputation of your company.
  2. build customer loyalty - interacting with your customers on a regular basis is a show of good faith to other customers. If you also share content that your audience likes, you are more likely to convert consumers into brand loyalists. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition and add value to your brand.
  3. it allows you to publish valuable content. Educating rather than selling sets the tone and generates a positive experience that attracts the attention of your customers by stimulating them with topics of interest and related to your company and field of action.

Beneficios del marketing digital

  1. improved SEO: New changes in Google's algorithm have led the search engine to give greater importance to the content of the pages to position them in its ranking, so it is very important that a web portal is constantly updated with new content.
  2. progressive gains: While in traditional marketing you invest in campaigns that promote your brand for a certain period of time, in digital marketing strategies focus on long-term results, looking for a staggered outcome. Thus, by creating your online presence and dedicating your marketing efforts to building a strong and consistent digital authority, your brand becomes more and more visible to the public. You do not need to rely on temporary promotion, your brand will always be visible and attracting new customers progressively.
  3. segmentation capability: The information given by users on the internet (such as social networks and forms) allows digital campaigns to be much more precise. In digital marketing, you can segment your strategies based on gender, age, location, interests, habits and much more. This level of accuracy makes it possible to create targeted actions for buyer personas.
  4. it is measurable. There is a lot of data that we can obtain and measure in real time, as digital marketing measurement tools offer simple and complex statistics that allow us to know the evolution of the strategy and manage it based on the results. The important metrics of digital marketing are:

-ROI (return on investment): The ROI is the indicator that allows you to know how much money the company is spending with each investment made. With it you get to know what was the return generated with a particular action or with the entire strategy.

-CAC (cost of customer acquisition): The CAC metric allows you to know how much it has cost for the company to win a new customer. To measure it correctly, all costs must be considered, adding up all marketing and sales expenses during a certain period and comparing it with the number of customers that came to the company during that same time.

-Average ticket: The average ticket is the average transaction value that a consumer spends when purchasing a product or service. To calculate it, take the total value of each of the transactions made in a specific period of time (which can be day, week, month, depending on your business) and divide the result by the total number of transactions you have had during the same period.

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