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Benefits of a strategic marketing consultancy for your company

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Running a business is stressful and difficult. There are a lot of issues that you constantly have to deal with and it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to do everything yourself, even when it's not your speciality.

This is actually counterproductive, so you will wear yourself out and perform poorly.

That's why a strategic marketing consultancy can make all the difference to your business.

Marketing is a vital aspect of any business. It can be a demanding area, especially for small businesses that don't have big budgets or an abundance of resources. However, seeking the advice of marketing professionals will help you establish your brand message and image, and directly impacts your bottom line.

But what are the great benefits of hiring a strategic marketing consultancy?

we tell you all about it here!

what is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing is the way in which a company effectively differentiates itself from its competitors by leveraging its strengths (both current and potential) to systematically offer customers better value than its competitors. It is long-term in nature and serves as the basis for all marketing decisions.

With a thorough understanding of the company's capabilities and aspirations, the customer market and the competitive landscape, the goal of strategic marketing (and the job of the strategic marketer) is to maximise a company's positive differentiation from its competitors in the eyes of its target audience.

Essentially, strategic marketing is the act of uncovering the information needed to create an effective marketing plan and execute successful campaigns.

what is a strategic marketing consultancy?

A strategic marketing consultancy is the process by which an external agent is engaged to advise on various aspects of a company's business to increase its success and ensure the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

It aims to provide competitive solutions for clients and, consequently, for the company itself. A complete consultancy puts special emphasis on all the elements and global objectives - both short and long term - of a company. In this way, it offers a strategic vision together with tactical solutions that provide validity to the strategic model and the achievement of the objectives.

The marketing consultancy has a clear strategic focus, as it seeks to offer the best solution based on the characteristics of the product or service, the competitive advantages of the company and makes an exhaustive analysis of the competition, thus offering advice and added value for its clients.

Benefits of a strategic marketing consultancy

Some managers have tried to save money by not hiring a consultant; however, this rarely leads to positive results. It is important for companies to understand the benefits of having a marketing consultancy and how these organisations can help a company achieve success.

Here are the main benefits of hiring a marketing consultancy:

  • Marketing expertise

One of the biggest advantages of working with a marketing consultancy is that they have expertise in most areas that concern marketing. In the case of a digital marketing agency, they are usually made up of content writing experts, SEO professionals, web design professionals, social media experts and graphic designers; all with real, hands-on experience in creating an online marketing strategy. These experts have the added advantage of having already learned the ways to succeed and the ways to avoid failure.

A marketing consultancy firm is essentially a group of people who advise on the most effective marketing strategy for your business and can help you put it into practice. These firms are usually made up of marketing professionals and people with extensive experience in their field. When it comes to consulting for your business, there is no one better to turn to than these experts who have a fresh, new perspective.

  • Saving time

With so many responsibilities, it's difficult for small businesses to devote hours and hours to online marketing efforts. A marketing consulting firm can help you manage everything from social media campaigns to website maintenance, saving you valuable time that you can spend doing what you do best: running your business.

  • New perspective

Some business owners may choose to hire in-house marketing employees. Given that they have the necessary experience, it can be difficult to produce creative and outstanding ideas that can take your business to the next level.

A marketing consultancy firm can help you streamline your digital marketing approach, giving you expert insight into what works and how you can leverage it to get more customers. A consultancy firm will also help you know where best to invest your marketing budget and make sure it's used optimally. It doesn't matter if it's online or offline marketing, social media management or SEO you want - consultants have been there and are ready to guide you every step of the way.

  • Business growth

Traditionally, the desire to expand a business and scale it up should be followed by an increase in hires for your marketing team. This is time consuming, costly and creates the need to train those new employees in marketing tactics.

Conversely, this is relatively straightforward if you have a marketing firm create a customised marketing strategy for your company. A marketing consultancy firm can provide you with analytics that measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, which will then be analysed and adapted to optimise the company's growth.

  • Access to the latest technologies and marketing trends

If you have ever tried to learn about the latest marketing technologies and trends, it can seem incredibly daunting because of all their ever-changing aspects - you may feel like you are always behind the curve and spend more time researching than applying.

Marketing companies provide your business with access to the latest technologies and marketing trends, as they have the tools and prior experience in all these areas. All you have to do is take advantage of their skills and tools to build and grow your business.

Occam: the strategic marketing agency you need to meet all your goals

A digital marketing agency provides marketing services for companies that want to stand out and grow a business, helping to establish a message and brand image and directly impact your bottom line.

At Occam, we want you to achieve all those goals you've been dreaming about for a long time. It's not just about acquiring customers; we want to increase and retain customers through various SEO techniques and many other non-intrusive marketing methods. The goal is to build brand awareness, increase sales, secure website traffic and build customer loyalty.

do you want to start your marketing consultancy now? At Occam we have the experience and time to help you meet all your current and future goals.

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