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Digital transformation comes to the inbound of online shops

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what is digital transformation, how does it relate to Inbound Marketing and how are online businesses experiencing it?

Don't worry, you don't need to answer these questions now. At Occam , we want to help you find your place in these questions. We hope this post will give you the impetus to understand the role Inbound Marketing is playing as part of your online shop's digital transformation strategy.

here we go!

The story of a long-lasting relationship

It all began with the advent of the internet. It was the best of times, the age of change, the age of belief, the age of light and revolution, the spring of growth and the winter of uncertainty. No one could have imagined the amount of change the birth of the internet would bring to businesses and consumers. Yet it happened.

As the world went by, marketing first found in the internet a tool, and then a stage for action. So much so that, today, at the end of a new year and at the beginning of another, we can affirm that digital transformation and Inbound Marketing are two concepts that go hand in hand. The Inbound methodology implies innovation and opportunity, and has become the perfect tool, as well as the mobilising force for change in companies.

We can say that the customer is the hero in the story of your shop, but only Inbound Marketing is capable of guaranteeing him the prominence he deserves.

at what point do Inbound Marketing and digital transformation come together?

In the eternal comparison with other countries, digital transformation has become a pending subject for many Spanish companies, as has the Inbound methodology. Both scenarios are part of the most important decision-making process for managers, especially considering their weight on the core of business organisations.

In order to take control of the former, it is relatively important to embrace the latter. In fact, some people talk about Inbound Marketing as a consequence of digital transformation, but which came first? Whatever the case, companies are very clear about the objectives for which they are committed to these two principles:

  • To improve their customers' experience.
  • To increase brandvisibility.
  • To increase the number of sales opportunities.
  • To build customer loyalty.

To achieve this, companies use blogs, social networks, online content strategies, landing pages, etc. In other words, a set of elements that would not be possible without the presence of the digital world.

why might you need them in your online shop?

Knowing what you need to join the world of digital transformation through Inbound Marketing is not the same as asking yourself if you need it. Nowadays, who more or less, but all companies need to keep up with technological advances. Not doing so means falling behind the rest of the world and not responding with sufficient agility and accuracy to the needs of our potential customers.

In the Inbound universe, online shops start to feel the need for change when they experience some of the following situations:

  • They are not attracting potential customers to their business or the level of attraction is very low.
  • Theydo not get the most out of social networks and have hardly any interaction with users.
  • They neglect the generation of useful content of value to their customers.
  • They feel that the perception of their brand is stagnant or that it is not transmitting the desired image.
  • Theydo not generate enough leads and do not know how to measure the results obtained.

do you suspect that your turn has come? Don't stay with the doubt and contact us, we are ready to help you.

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