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Advantages of installing appointment scheduling software on my website

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Many things have changed since the pandemic began. We live in complicated times, a new normality that requires different functionalities to adapt to the user's way of buying. We think of you. That's why, in Occam Digital Agency we add to your website an online booking manager for your business. The client will make an appointment on the day and time you have available in your calendar and you will receive a notification with the request.

stop worrying about the phone and attend all your appointments through the web!

what is the appointment scheduling software about?

It's an appointment and booking system to integrate into your WordPress website. In short, it's the perfect integrated client management to plan your meetings and your time. It's very easy to use. If you want to know more about the system, we invite you to join us.

14 advantages of appointment scheduling software

At the beginning of this post, we talked about the crisis caused by the coronavirus and the changes it has brought to companies. Among them, teleworking, which implies new behaviours and functionalities to adapt to users. Or online appointment booking to avoid physical contact and transfers while speeding up tasks. Appointment scheduling software is a new way of adapting to customer needs, and its main advantages are:

    • Customers can book an appointment online with you any day and any time (24/7).
    • Manage booking services more easily.
    • Store all your customer data in a single, central database.
    • Better coordination of your work.
    • Control and organisation of the weekly and daily agenda in real time.
    • Much more flexibletime management.
    • It is useful for all types of businesses (lawyers, mechanics, personal trainers, private lessons, cleaning services, escape rooms, spas...).
    • You can create time slots connected to location and service.
    • Receive appointment notifications by email (send an email to the client about the creation and update of the appointment, to the employee and to the predefined list of admin users).
    • Connect your Google calendar to the appointment software.
    • Save management time and phone calls- your customers will no longer have to make bookings by phone and this will save time for both of you.
    • Bookings can be cancelled via the email provided.
    • Automate your customers'bookings.
  • And use it on any device (Android, desktop, iOS...).

if you have any doubts, call us.

can customers change their own bookings?

The answer is yes, once they receive the booking confirmation by email, they will also have the possibility to change the time, date or even cancel the appointment if necessary. You will save time for both parties and your customers will be grateful. Therefore, the appointment scheduling software is a very useful tool for your company, whatever your sector.

It will allow you to grow and strengthen your business.

Added service to web development

The situation caused by Covid-19 has left its mark on everyone. At Occam, we have been offering web development services for some years now.

Domains, keyword research to improve your website positioning, customised design, layout, quality control... The usual. And yet, far from seeing the pandemic as a threat, we have joined forces to embrace it as an opportunity to improve. That is why we have made available to our customers the possibility of integrating this appointment scheduling software, because the key is to adapt and be increasingly resilient.

Among the main features of the software are:

  • The length of the booking time, you can select the length of the booking you need.
  • Allow the user to only make bookings for a certain amount of time.
  • When they cancel an appointment, you can choose the option to be redirected to another page.
  • Possibility to integrate with Google Calendar and Google WooCommerce, in case you have an online shop.
  • You can enable or disable payment options (choose currency, discount coupons, payment types, etc.).
  • Set working hours and public holidays.
  • Personalised fields (name, email and telephone).

do you want to know how it will look like? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

are you clear about the advantages of booking appointments on the web?

Availability, ease of management and time saving are the three main advantages of implementing a software of these characteristics. At Occam, we offer it as an added service that completes the final result of the web development. Thus, you will have a page ready to come out of the oven and adapted to the new normality.

In other circumstances, we would invite you to visit our office in Fuenlabrada and get to know us, but we have no choice but to give you the opportunity to visit our website and show you our web development services. We are driven by innovation, simplicity and efficiency, passion and effort. We invest in the future and that is why we are here.

shall we talk?

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