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How to adapt IT sector strategies to reach the customer

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At this point in our lives, there is little doubt that the advent of the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate. It has introduced a change that is as significant as it is permanent. It has transformed the way we shop and, above all, the way we gather information about the products or services that interest us.

Companies have thus found a golden opportunity to reach their customers. Do you want to know what it is? Some call it luck, we prefer to call it Inbound methodology.

why change the strategies of technology companies?

Over the years, companies have been immersed in numerous situations that have shaken their structures. Changes that are currently leading to digital transformation and a process of disruption in which there are only two options: adapt or disappear. This is why risk-taking has become necessary in order to grow and achieve the goals set.

In the process of these changes, companies have felt at their core the need to transform their strategies and to use new techniques and resources capable of generating commercial sales and branding opportunities. This is also why it is increasingly common to turn to agencies specialised in these areas.

Changing and adapting the strategies of technology companies is no longer an option, but an obligation, as long as they want to continue to survive in the market and differentiate themselves from the competition. Demand generation has changed. Commercial stimuli are no longer the same and customers no longer buy in the same way as they did twenty years ago. Therefore, companies need to change their strategies, adapt them to the needs of the market, continue to reach the customer and try to lead them to the buying process away from intrusiveness.

what do we want to convey to you? In a few words: the reality that the IT sector is facing, a reality that erases at a stroke the consideration of traditional marketing and advertising as an art. Companies need to adapt quickly to consumer habits, and this can only be achieved in one way.

where are new strategies in the IT sector heading?

aumentar las ventas en el sector tecnológicoTo a place called Inbound Marketing. They say that necessity creates ingenuity, and in this context we have every reason to believe it. Customers have become users of a digital world where they can consult thousands of offers on the products or services they are looking for and at the moment they want them. That is why it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer the value that the public needs to find. It is the only way that you will end up finding each other naturally in a world of globalisation that tries to put aside intrusiveness.

At this point you may be wondering what the Inbound methodology consists of. Well, to give you an idea, we will tell you that it is everything we have told you so far. Inbound Marketing is a strategy capable of putting into practice the opportunities offered by technology and of focusing on and adapting to the purchase cycle that customers are currently making.

It achieves this by generating valuable content that first educates the public and then allows users to find a solution to their problems in your products or services. In short, it is a change in philosophy that goes from linear to orbital, placing the customer at the centre of the strategy.

why is Inbound Marketing the most direct way to achieve sales opportunities?

Inboud Marketing has become the most direct way to achieve this and other objectives because it is the most direct way to achieve sales opportunities and to publicise our products and services:

  • It allows us to attract customers through valuable content.
  • Itincreases the visibility of companies and brand awareness.
  • Itunites the efforts of the sales and content departments, thus extending the reach of the latter.
  • Content is segmented and tailored.
  • It manages to educate our target audience, immersed in a globalised digital world.
  • It generates traffic and quality leads for technology companies thanks to the creation of active blogs in which to generate and publish information.
  • It allows companies to know their audience better and be more profitable, as Inbound Marketing is more economical than traditional marketing.
  • Companies can measure everything they do in their strategies thanks to ROI, or Return on Investment, and visible metrics.
  • There is absolute control of everything you do, as it is a process based on real data on leads, visits, number of clicks, conversion, etc.
  • It optimises time and process thanks to its structured work on execution platforms.

Some of these advantages or opportunities may not even have crossed your mind, but they are real characteristics of the Inbound methodology that some companies are already experiencing first-hand. Without going any further, Apple has known how to make its customers fall in love with its public and make them the main promoters of the brand. Steve Jobs was very clear: "if you don't work for your dreams, others will find you to work for theirs".

Inbound Marketing is the new way to grow.

¡Mejora ahora con una estrategia de Inbound Marketing a tu medida!

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