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7 current marketing strategies for your company

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Hearing about trends means stopping to think and analysing where we are with our business.

The world of marketing is immense, and so are its strategies, but do you want to know something? Today we have gathered in this post the main trends in the world of marketing that have arrived here to make your life easier.

With so much change, it's hard to know what we really need in our online business. We want to put an end to this uncertainty, so pay attention to what we're about to tell you.

are you ready to learn and take a risk?

do you want to know the most successful marketing techniques?

In this table we have summarised the most current and successful marketing trends of the moment because they are the ones that have allowed companies to obtain great results. Here are some examples:

  • 75% use Inbound Marketing(IFP)
  • 91% of companies use and are committed to content marketing(PuroMarketing)
  • 73% of B2B companies say that video has a positive impact on ROI (PlayFilm)

That said, the time has come to tell you what the philosophy behind these techniques is and what they consist of:




Inbound Marketing

Attracting potential customers

Combines non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques to connect with the user at the beginning of the buying cycle and accompany them to the end.

Referral Marketing

Traditional word of mouth

Getting a satisfied potential customer to recommend our brand.

Loyalty marketing

Retain customers

Use incentive and benefit programmes in order to promote consumption.

Video Marketing

Promote products, services or companies through audiovisual material

Actions or strategies focused on the use of the advantages of video to reach a greater number of people and retain a greater amount of information, taking advantage of the popularisation of mobile devices and social networks.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial messages

Sending messages to potential customers through the email channel to send them relevant information. It is a channel between us and our contacts.


Applying neuroscience

Analysing emotion, attention and memory to stimuli provoked in the context of marketing (advertisements, products, services, etc.)

Content Marketing Marketing

The art of understanding what exactly our potential customers need

Generate valuable content oriented to a buyer persona and that generates a positive reaction in users. It is carried out in social networks, blogs, etc., and in the form of psots, eBooks, infographics, guides, etc.

have you ever heard of these strategies and have you implemented any of them? If you are immersed in the business world, you may have felt the need to bet on any of them, a process that undoubtedly involves a deep awareness.

what do these 7 trends have in common?

Emotions, audiovisual material, stories, content, email... There are many and very diverse elements that these marketing strategies use to develop and achieve their objectives. However, there is a common point, a place where they place the final objective, an actor that they do not lose sight of. Do you know what we are talking about? We are referring to the customer.

Whether to improve their experience, to increase their number, or to find their potential, customers have become the main link for companies. Think about it for a moment: what sense would our online businesses make without their presence?

The customer is, therefore, the main actor of our company. He is the one who gives life to the buying and selling process. He is the centre of any marketing strategy aimed at constant growth and improvement.

After having read this, do you have any doubts? How high is your company ready to fly?

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