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6 Trends in web app development for 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. Many companies are now working to adapt to new customer behaviours. To stay competitive, they must explore new opportunities and take advantage of the latest trends in technology. And this also applies to the development of web applications for businesses.

Today, almost everything is available at our fingertips thanks to apps. The world of technology continues to advance and apps are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this fact.

While the pandemic has led some apps to stagnate, other apps are experiencing very rapid growth, and at the same time, new web app trends are emerging.

what are the most notable current trends in application development that businesses should be aware of as they adapt to the "new reality"? Read on to learn about the most notable trends of 2021.

The importance of apps today

Today it is very difficult to understand our society outside of the digital concept. We are digital natives and as such we attach great importance to the role of technology. We cannot conceive of a society without it, as it has made our lives so much easier and better.

During the pandemic, we have seen the power of technology to connect us to each other so that we can continue to carry out our jobs. So, not only has it made our lives easier in many ways, but it is a tool that allows us to live a telematic life, and within this technological tool are the applications as allies of change.

Apps are important because they are what drive our own creativity, as well as allowing us to communicate with our environment and provide entertainment or store our experiences and information. They are also tools that allow interaction between individuals, because they allow codes to be transformed into visual elements for a specific activity.

Because of this and much more, taking the step to create an app can be a very good idea to boost your idea in the digital world, as more and more users are consuming web applications of all kinds.

To start developing your app idea, it is vital that you are aware of the trends that are taking place in the app world, so that you have a clearer focus on how to define each issue that arises as you develop your app.

6 app development trends for 2021

2021 will undoubtedly be a year of consolidation of technologies and the establishment of many that have already begun to be introduced over the last few months. Some of these trends include:

  • Use of chatbots and artificial intelligence

One of the technologies that has grown the most in recent months has been the use of chatbots to guide and advise website visitors.

The rise of online shopping will mark the use of this technology by 2021 as these chatbots offer multiple commercial benefits and guarantee the quality of customer service.

Another of the benefits of including a chatbot in the development of a web app is that it can offer 24/7 customer service by automating the usual responses and help requested by users who visit a website.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of algorithms focused on providing machines with the mechanics of human thought. In this way, it is intended that machines perform tasks, make decisions and learn through the development of logical thinking.

  • Blockchain technology

In 2020 we have started to talk about this type of technology, but in 2021 we will be able to see it in our daily lives.

The blockchain is a technology that enables the efficient storage of collective and decentralised data in a secure manner. It is characterised precisely by its high level of security. The main advantage is that this technology eliminates intermediaries in transactions. The blockchain will gain a lot of weight in the development of web applications in the coming year and it will be the banking sector that will lead this trend.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Companies that develop web applications that use this technology are taking advantage of it to differentiate themselves from the competition. They are already present in sectors such as health, education, travel and retail. Their main use is in improving the user experience.

The development of web applications using this technology is relatively simple, so as companies manage to exploit this technology, more applications will appear.

  • The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the technology that allows the interconnection between different physical objects through the internet. It is based on the incorporation of devices and sensors to objects, which allow them to receive and transfer information between them.

It is important to highlight that its use is not only limited to the domestic sphere, through the interconnection of household appliances, but it is also a technology widely used in other sectors such as health, industry and agri-food, among others.

The implementation of the Internet of Things in business will allow for greater remote control, monitoring and optimisation of business processes. Likewise, in cases where the volume of data is very high, we recommend the use of Big Data to identify problems, anticipate events or make better decisions more efficiently.

  • Push notifications for web apps

One of the functionalities that native applications know how to make good use of are push notifications to appear as protagonists on the screens of users' phones. This type of functionality was exclusive to the development of native applications, but by 2021 they will also be able to be developed in web applications.

Every time there is an update on a product or you want to notify the user of a web change, a message can be sent, even when the user is not on the web page.

  • Work from home Apps

Teleworking has been one of the sectors that has evolved the most in the last year. More and more companies are aware of the importance of having an application that allows them to work from home. That is why many of them demand the design and development of customised Apps adapted to their needs, improving in many cases, the internal communication of the companies.

In conclusion, the trends for 2021 are aimed at facilitating people's communication with each other and with their environment, as well as facilitating their daily tasks, improving and optimising their processes by obtaining and analysing data. Technological advances, user demand and other social factors have a direct impact on web application trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is a crucial aspect of success with their clients for business application developers.

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