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5 advantages of integrating Odoo with HubSpot

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With more and more CRMs and ERPs on offer, choosing one that meets all the features your business needs can be a real challenge. But thanks to integrations, this choice is no longer limited to a single option; you can now choose two of your favourite applications combined in a single solution.

This is the case of the Odoo integration with HubSpot.

The Odoo integration with HubSpot allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: a robust sales and marketing software integrated with a leading ERP. Now you can say goodbye to limitations and better serve your customers with real-time data synchronisation.

how exactly does this integration work and what are all its advantages? We tell you all about it in this post.

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what is the Odoo integration with HubSpot?

Odoo is defined as an ERP or enterprise resource planning system, i.e. it is a tool that integrates all the operations that a business needs to carry out, from start to finish.

Although Odoo is essentially an ERP, it also fulfils the functions of a CRM. However, it lacks certain features that can make a company's marketing and sales management more complete. This is where HubSpot comes into play.

Integrating Odoo with HubSpot makes it possible to order all sales stages according to a standardised process and automate a large part of the data update.

Integrating Odoo with HubSpot allows you to synchronise all your organisation's data without manual entry or messy and time-consuming imports.

This is what you get by integrating HubSpot with your ERP:

  • Bi-directional synchronisation: data is shared between Odoo and HubSpot in real time.
  • Default field mappings: setup is fast with out-of-the-box field mappings.
  • Historical synchronisation: your existing data will be synchronised immediately and updates will be synchronised as they are made.

Thanks to HubSpot's productivity tools, you can have a 360° view of each contact and their history, and centrally track all your communication channels. Say goodbye to isolated chats, emails as a document repository or unregistered calls.

Features of the Odoo integration with HubSpot

Whether you already use Odoo and want to enjoy the advanced features of HubSpot CRM, or you already use HubSpot but want to increase the level of productivity of your business with Odoo, this integration brings you a great number of functionalities.

  • Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation streamlines the process of capturing, developing and transferring leads into sales-qualified opportunities, and also saves you from focusing on repetitive administrative tasks and lets you focus on other tasks that are more important and beneficial to your business.

  • Complete lead analytics

HubSpot's integration with Odoo allows you to create dashboards, reports and dynamic analytics and manage all lead records from a centralised database so you can track and qualify your leads, view communication history and export in different formats.

  • Synchronisation in the background

Integrating Odoo with HubSpot, as mentioned above, allows for background synchronisation of data from both applications, so that when records are created or updated in either application, that information is automatically shared with the other.

  • Efficient contact management

You can synchronise and manage all your contacts, leads and prospects, making it easier to improve service and sales levels by leveraging a more complete range of data.

  • Gmail and Outlook integration

This integration is accompanied by another: Gmail and Outlook integration. This allows you to easily synchronise contact emails, create segmented lists and send automated emails. You can also schedule more meetings in less time thanks to links to meetings that can be shared without the need to go back and forth.

  • 100% data control

The integration allows both one-way and two-way data synchronisation, so you can sync data from Odoo to HubSpot, HubSpot to Odoo or back and forth.

  • A/B Testing

Integrating Odoo with HubSpot allows you to run A/B tests on two versions of any published page, allowing you to get automated reports that generate better results and increase conversion rates in less time.

Advantages of integrating Odoo with HubSpot

These are the main benefits you can get with Odoo and HubSpot integration:

  • You boost your ability to close sales

One of the main benefits of integrating HubSpot with a reliable ERP system is to see how synchronisation shortens the sales cycle, saving companies time and money by streamlining the process.

Having two-way synchronisation ensures that business leaders are kept up to date on all the activities happening within their sales pipeline, and in turn, provides them with necessary actionable information that can help them close sales.

  • Streamline communication between your teams

HubSpot's integration with Odoo can improve the lines of communication between teams and even departments, and provides exceptional visibility at every stage of the business, resulting in crucial insights that can mean the difference between business success and failure.

Closed deals can be automatically transferred from HubSpot to other applications and vice versa. The two-way synchronisation capability is an incredibly effective way to reduce unnecessary manual input, while allowing you to focus on the things that really matter: customers and their demands.

  • You get a complete view of the business and customer lifecycle

Clear and reliable information ensures better visibility into a company's business prospects.

When you integrate HubSpot with a good ERP system, you help make this data readily available, so you can use this information to manage every stage of the customer journey, enabling you to reach and acquire new customers, develop relationships and retain more loyal customers.

  • You get to nurture your leads

Having a solid integration between HubSpot and Odoo can provide managers with high-value information that is critical to nurturing your leads and developing a stronger relationship with your customers.

This type of information is also beneficial in creating and implementing better strategies and ensuring more deals are won.

A good connection between HubSpot and ERP systems can make lead nurturing easier and more efficient. This is especially important as integration can help retain interest until leads are ready to move on to the next stage of conversion.

  • Simplify your organisation

With a robust and simple integration, your entire organisation will work and thrive from one place, and two-way synchronisation ensures that you are constantly informed of changes in either system.

HubSpot's integration with Odoo's features will enhance and simplify every part of your organisation.

if you want to integrate Odoo with HubSpot, don't worry about anything, because we can help you integrate your favourite tools with HubSpot.

Just contact us and that's it!

We'll take care of everything you need.

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