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3 digital marketing books not to be missed

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It seems that everything that concerns the digital environment is learned without learning it, without sitting down from the humility of ignorance to open a book. We believe that, because we know how to use a computer, we will know everything about anything whose name is accompanied by the adjective "digital", just with the help of a little intuition.

However, even if there are CMSs that allow us to easily create an online shop or a blog, this does not necessarily mean that we know how to design it to make it attractive, where to place our CTAs, what font to use, how to organise the menu... These might seem like unimportant details but, when it comes to digital marketing, every detail counts.

This is just a small example of how we tend to take for granted that because we have been surrounded by technology for years, we are able to learn by intuition any discipline that moves into the digital realm. However, one of the best ways to learn about something will always be the same: books.

Here is a recommendation of books on digital marketing that will help you understand it better, if not learn it.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

  • Isra García, Victor Ronco Viladot, Aitor Contreras Navarro, Alejandro Rubio Navalón, Oscar Valdelvira Gimeno
  • 2018
  • 336 pages

Marketing Digital para Dummies

This book is part of the collection "para Dummies", a series of professional manuals designed for people of all ages who want to approach a new area of knowledge for the first time. The particularity of this collection is the way in which the knowledge is presented: maintaining professionalism, it avoids the boredom and cumbersome language of other manuals to bring an unknown subject closer to those who do not know it and who can understand it.

The book is divided into 8 parts containing 26 chapters in total. Firstly, the book focuses on people. It seems that, when we talk about digital, it is other digital beings who interact from the other side of the screen. And we often forget that it is people, humans, who create these digital resources. Once this has been reflected upon, digital strategy begins as a guide for our projects and as the centre of the strategy. Later on, search, communication, advertising and metrics are dealt with.

To round it off, the authors of the book, all digital marketing professionals with years of experience and pioneers in their sectors, talk about their personal experiences and most important learnings.

Digital marketing strategies

  • Fernando Maciá Domene
  • 2018
  • 392 pages

This book talks about digital marketing strategies within the marketing mix. The author encourages us to learn how to take advantage of all the benefits offered by digital marketing and to understand what role each strategy plays within the marketing mix.

This book starts from a point where all businesses and companies already have a website and have understood its importance, however, we still need to know how to attract traffic to it and make it truly profitable in the digital era. And most importantly, not to know how to attract everyone, but to know how to attract our target audience.

The main point of the book is how to generate value on our website, how to convert visits into a loyal audience. It deals with topics such as SEO, conversion, online advertising and content marketing. However, it is not an in-depth manual, but is intended to be a general map on which to orient oneself and then go deeper. In fact, there are many recommendations of monographs and resources to delve deeper into each of these aspects.

The book is included in the paradigm of infoxication, caused by the low barriers to entry that have turned the Internet into an oversaturated medium. Through it, you will be able to get started on the path to differentiation and attracting a profitable audience. And it is difficult to compete for the share of attraction regardless of the size of your company. It is enough for the big titans to bombard with ads, but the smaller ones have to have an efficient strategy.

Digital marketing for those who don't know about digital marketing

  • Gonzalo Giráldez
  • 2021
  • 152 pages

Marketing digital para los que no saben marketing digitalThis book is designed for everyone, but not in the sense of the first book we recommend, but from the perspective that digital marketing touches us all, from one side or the other. Usually these books are written thinking that they will be read by someone who has a business or works with digital marketing, but the reality is that not only those who manage a website should learn the ins and outs of marketing. As consumers, we should also be informed about how this new market works. The book begins with this premise.

"Why do I get personalised ads about my latest Google search, why are influencers becoming more and more important, what digital tools can help me boost my brand or start a business, what do companies do with my data, does my mobile or smart speaker listen to more than it should, and why is it soimportant?

As it is intended for those who are not in the field, the language is very simple, uncomplicated and uncluttered, written as if told by a friend, which is the quintessential way to learn about something in a moment.

However, you will learn about fundamental terms and metrics such as KPIs, buyer persona, storytelling, sales funnel, etc. In other words, even if you are on the other side of the screen, the knowledge you are offered is not only about what affects you as a consumer, but you will learn how the website you are looking at works inside, so that you have all the information and know why you see certain advertisements or receive certain messages. In the end, knowing how digital marketing is managed will help you to be a better user of it.

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