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3 big brands applying Inbound Marketing

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It may still sound new to you, but the truth is that it has a long history. That's why big brands apply it every day.

Relevant content adapted to the context, visitor acquisition, sales opportunities... These are just names on a white background, but with the Inbound methodology it is possible to make the backing for these tasks your own brand. The fundamental axis is always the content, but it doesn't stop there. Big brands have gone further to discover the real keys to success.

Today we want to share with you the name and experience of three prestigious companies that have incorporated Inbound Marketing as part of their philosophy. Let's see who they are..

Big brands rely on Inbound Marketing

A new year has just begun two months ago, and with it the desire to grow, to achieve more and more. Where do we start? Companies such as Starbucks, Listerine and Taco Bell have long been committed to the world of Inbound Marketing, three examples that serve as an impetus for other companies to become aware of its importance and to bring out the genius within them.

  1. Starbucks: the stories that brands tell us always carry with them an emotional universe that awakens feelings of friendship, peace, tranquillity or any other kind. This brand not only plays with flavours and senses, but also with the customer.

    It has been able to arouse their interest and help them start each day on the right foot. Its philosophy is not based on selling, but on offering a unique experience. To achieve this, Starbucks has followed an Inbound Marketing strategy in which the use of social networks prevails, as Impulse points out.

    Starbucks is the perfect example of the sum of happiness, engagement and growth. The secret to the success of its strategy is hidden under the skirts of valuable content capable of arousing the interest and participation of users.
  1. remember the Listerine 21 Day Challenge? It consisted of buying the product, saving the purchase receipt, registering on the website and taking part in the challenge. The test was linked to interactive games whose prize was a free dental cleaning and a card worth 50 euros.

    In this example of strategy, Listerine pulled out all the stops with a focus on SMART (set, defined, achievable and measurable) objectives. As a result of a well-managed strategy, the brand achieved great results: increasing its database and building loyalty, educating and engaging participants with the brand.
  1. Taco Bell: Inbound Marketing touches in this company have been seen through social media posts, especially on Twitter, the consolidation of its image and the creation of original and creative posts organised in a calendar. Its brand personality is very solid and customers recognise it quickly.

And you, how are you winning the hearts of your audience?

why is this methodology the best way to grow?

Growing today is not the same as growing a couple of years ago. Things have changed, dear reader. We are all living the consequences of a world in which brands are no longer the only ones that can provide you with the information you are looking for. Countless web portals, such as blogs or forums, have joined the ranks of opinion and information.

Try searching for anything you can think of on Google search engines to see how many pages spit out information about what you are looking for, but why should you be any different?

In the world of Inbound Marketing, the focus is on brand differentiation- you, like us and other businesses, have something unique to offer, but if you don't show it to your audience, they'll never find you.

The world is full of information, but you know that yours has something different to offer.

seize the opportunity!

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