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Youtube, the influencers' club

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We live in the audiovisual era and, of course, online video is synonymous with success. Video brings people closer and humanises them, as it retains the user, entertains them, amuses them, in other words, it is a format that is liked.

Both social networks and online videos have opened new doors to the world of the moving image, and almost everyone, from children to adults, make use of these tools.

Today I am going to talk to you about the king of video uploading and sharing, none other than YouTube, which seems to be unrivalled today.

YouTube was born when three ex-employees of Paypal decided to start something on their own, but no one knew that this idea would arise from the need to share videos recorded at a party with their friends. It was thus that on 15 February 2005 they registered a domain that even they did not imagine would achieve such success in less than two years. Subsequently, in 2006, Google bought this platform for less than 2 million dollars.

Youtubewhat can we find on YouTube? From the most interesting to the most ridiculous video in the world.

do you like to travel and you can't? Are you going on a trip to a place and you don't know what to see or do? Don't worry, there are hundreds of users on YouTube who, through the videos on their channels ,can show you incredible locations, charming places, what to see or not to see, where... Some examples of these travelogues are: Mola viajar, Alan por el mundo, Algo que recordar, etc.

do you have a party and you don't know what to wear or how to do your hair? Those are no longer problems because there are hundreds of videos that give us tips on how to look your best. Some examples of these channels are: Dulceida, the Spanishinfluencer who leads all social networks or Bere Casillas, the latter being a family business where father and son, owners of a tailor shop, began to informally make videos with tips on how to dress. Today they have more than 100,000 subscribers.

You can also find music classics, from videos of the stars of a certain era, to artists that take off thanks to the virality that YouTube allows, as in the case of Pablo Alborán or Justin Bieber.

Therefore, YouTube is a platform that we can all use. You only have torecord a video and upload it to your channel. YouTube also has an app for mobiles, through which you can retouch and upload your video without the need to transfer it to the computer first .

As it is such a large platform with so many users, YouTube allows users to choose whether the videos they upload can appear in the search engine or not, i.e. whether they are public or private.

Here we leave you the first video in the history of YouTube: "Me at the zoo!


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