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do you need a software development company in Madrid?

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Now that we are ending the year, it is time to draw conclusions about what has happened in the world of software in these 365 days. Has the demand grown? Is it maintained? Is it reduced? From Occam Digital Agency, we want to make a brief review of these questions and reveal together what kind of software development you need. Are you a company in Madrid?

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The latest forecasts on software development

2019 has been a year to remember in the technology sector for several reasons. New trends have emerged, such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), hybrid development, languages and frameworks, etc. Gartner' s forecasts at the beginning of the year already estimated "global IT spending to reach $3.79 trillion in 2019, representing a 1.1% increase over 2018". The software market is expected to grow by 7.1%.

We have reached December, the ideal time to see that the estimates have not only been met, but far exceeded. Now, forecasts are rising again for 2020, when IT spending is already expected to increase by 3.7%.

Some experts are already saying that next year will mark the leap in technology, and while it is still too early to verify this, there are signs to support this: the move from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the 'Internet of Everything' and 'everywhere', with the number of users with mobile devices already predicted to grow and overtake the number of people with access to electrical power.

But how is this change manifesting itself in Madrid's businesses? The demand and need for bespoke software is growing in the capital's companies.

Software development in Madrid, what do you need?

For some years now, the need and commitment of companies to implement applications (mobile and web) and online sites to walk in tune with the needs and market trends has been growing. All this happens while the digital transformation becomes the great challenge for companies. In Occam we are committed to the technological needs of society to detect and meet them with the support they need. There are plenty of reasons to invest in software development in Madrid:

  • Poor business management, document management, etc.
  • You waste too much time solving administrative problems, searching for documents and sharing them with other areas.
  • You invest a lot of money in repairing computer errorsand you have different tools that you use separately. In short, you lack a central system for storing and managing data.
  • There is alack of automation and standardisation in the processes you carry out, you are not comfortable with the way they are managed, there is little flexibility, and you cannot control them from anywhere with internet access.
  • You use technology as an end and not as a means to achieve business goals.

if you find yourself in any of these situations, it is time to acquire the agility your business needs.

Types of software development in Madrid

At Occam, we listen to your concerns, empathise with your needs and help you find the solution that your business requires. Software development has not only become a challenge, but also an advantage for companies through which they:

  • Improve their management processes.
  • Increase the visibility of the company.
  • Complement the strategy.
  • Reduce time and costs.
  • Improve user experience.

And a long etcetera. That is why we are committed to the development of software for companies, offering a wide range of services on:

  1. Development of native iOS and Android mobile applications to achieve higher performance and seek maximum user satisfaction. The main feature of these applications is the direct interaction of the software with the hardware of the device, which leads to a performance of 10.
  2. Development of Webapps for access on all mobile devices, whatever brand and operating system they are. To achieve their presence in the marketplaces we must use an embedding system and observe the impact they have on the market before launching the development of the application.
  3. Development of websites optimised and adaptable to any mobile device. We are sure that you also check everything that is happening in the world while you travel by metro or bus. We take advantage of the fact that the way of surfing the internet has changed radically, and at Occam we develop websites optimised and adapted to the needs of your business.
  4. Development of Back Office to manage and control the business in a much more versatile way. This private access web allows you to manage the App from anywhere, and with it you can change images, register new customers, view statistics, etc. Thanks to the Back Office, customers do not need to know the languages to manage the database of your business, but it is replaced by a graphical interface that allows access to any part of it.

Brief conclusion on business software development

Around 89% of European companies have increased their technological investment this year, focusing on infrastructure upgrades, security, software development (virtualisation and productivity) and managed services. The capital of Madrid is home to large, medium and small technology companies that offer their services to help other companies take the step towards digital transformation.

do you need a customised application? Are you a company in Madrid? Ask us all your questions, at Occam we can help you.

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