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do you already know the role of storytelling in video marketing?

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Ah, if only I had known this before. How many times have you expressed this regret?

We bet you've often wished you knew something before you acted in this or that way. We bet you've made this comment to yourself, longing for a past that could have been the present. You insist that if it had been like this, everything would have been better.

Well, we are telling you this because you are at the right time to know where the key to success for many companies lies. We are not talking about video marketing, but about a part of it that deals with storytelling and the art of storytelling. Storytelling is part of our lives, it is present everywhere, although sometimes we are not even aware of it. It is not a question of deciding whether to tell a story or not, but the mere fact of doing so is almost something natural.

Stories are part of the identity of the world, of people and, of course, of companies. Don't we all have something to tell? The question is no longer whether we should include storytelling in our marketing strategies or not, but what is the best way to do it.

That's why today we want to tell you about its role in video marketing.

Storytelling at a business level

Taking into account the trends in video marketing for 2019, we believe it is appropriate to talk about the role of stories in this tool. We are on the threshold of a new year, which inevitably forces us to take stock of what has been and what is to come.

are you ready?

We understood some time ago that the concept of storytelling was not something new, even if that is what it sounds like for many companies. Just take a look at what great communication experts, such as the writer Christian Salmon, have told us about it. In reality, every entity and every person is a "story-making machine".

And suddenly, one fine day, someone decided to take advantage of this quality within the culture of companies. It happened in the 1980s, following a profound awareness of the importance of stories in the lives of individuals, as well as their necessity: "In its almost infinite forms, the story is present in all times, in all places, in all societies".

We take this quote from the philosopher Roland Barthes to talk about one of these infinite forms of storytelling: video marketing, a promising phenomenon that more and more companies are joining. Stories have long been part of traditional marketing campaigns, but in the digital age they have become even more important.

Video has become a perfect scenario to convey to the consumer the reason for your mission, taking advantage of the value of emotions. For the confluence of video marketing and storytelling to be effective, it is necessary to take into account two elements: imagination and knowledge of the interests of your audience.

why not take advantage of the value of audiovisuals to tell who you are?

4 advantages of storytelling with video marketing

In the art of storytelling, not just anything will do. Companies must take care of all the details. Start by being dynamic, offering something interesting and managing emotions correctly. Everything must be in line with the product or service you offer, because remember that you must connect with your audience immediately. Here are some of the advantages that companies obtain when they achieve this:

  • Trust: A relatable story can create empathy and a deep feeling in the audience, make them feel identified with your story, create a link between the two and you can increase trust in your brand.
  • Emotion: feelings are the engine of our lives, what constantly moves you to act in a certain way, right? That's why you must show your audience that you are also human, that you know their concerns and that you are willing to help. Who doesn't remember Christmas campaigns like those of Lotería Nacional or Campofrío?
  • Creativity: Storytelling opens up a world of possibilities for creativity. Just take a look at Estrella Damm's ad for 'The little things'. It has been proven that stories can go beyond your products or services.
  • Memory: Telling a close story makes it easier for your audience to remember your message. As a consequence, you will have generated a memory of your brand in the memory of your audience. An indelible memory.

how far are you willing to go?

This is how your audience retains everything you tell them

Memory is the psychological process from which all stories are born. It is our human encyclopaedia and, as such, we must take advantage of it. It has been proven that it is much easier for users to retain information from an audiovisual message than from a written text. Audio and video greatly favour the retention of a memory and the understanding of messages. It has also been proven that audiovisual codes have a greater emotional impact.

why not take advantage of this natural characteristic? Turn your messages into an exciting story.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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