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Brands on Facebook

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Facebook is the social network with the most users in the world, this 2022 has managed to reach 2,910 million more users. Among these users, we know the data that point to more than 30 million companies have a Facebook page.

Companies are interested because they have found a "free" showcase for their business, as well as a way to reach users and create a community. Facebook is interested because it needs to sell ads and campaigns for profit. Now everybody wins. Facebook has more than 2 million active advertisers. The result of this mutually beneficial cooperation is the public conclusion of the social network: Facebook as an advertising platform.

how many of them also invest in advertising? Facebook has announced that it has surpassed 2 million active advertisers, so it is growing exponentially. This means that around 7% of businesses on Facebook advertise on the platform.

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to create a business without making it known on social networks, especially on Facebook. On this platform, users of all ages interact, not just the youngest, so it is very important for your business - whatever kind of business it may be - to have a profile on it, not to mention the many tools and advantages that the platform offers for business profiles.

Advantages for brands on Facebook

Facebook, also known as Meta, offers a variety of resources to help you grow on its platform, as well as other analytics tools to keep you informed about your stats and ad campaign results.

  • Facebook Insights: is an integrated Facebook tool that you can use to view your fan page stats. With this, you get valuable information about traffic, total likes, page progress, p. sources, post reach and content that has been ignored or shared. With all this data you can improve your failures and build on your successes, only then your page will be closer to the FanPage elite.
  • Social Status: is the most powerful Facebook messaging tool we've ever used. It combines 4 social media analytics tools into one platform. In addition to providing detailed metrics for Facebook Pages, Profile Analytics also supports Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can track everything from views to video views, engagement, clicks, audience growth and demographics. Even better, you can export reports to CSV, PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Ads Analytics: Tracks the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns and supports all of your Facebook advertising goals. You can view performance by campaign and ad group, or segment by individual ads.
  • Competitor Analytics: Com petitor Analytics allows you to track your results and compare them to any of your competitors and see what they do best. You can spy on your competitors and learn the most effective content strategy.
  • Inluencer Analytics: is great for tracking and researching influencer marketing results. This is especially useful if you work with influencers and need a better way to report on their performance.
  • Facebook Audience Insights: is a useful tool developed by Facebook and is one of many included in Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Audience Insights is used to discover trends and data about various Facebook audiences. By selecting properties in the left panel, you can filter different Facebook audiences and analyse their demographics, interests and behaviour. This information can be valuable, especially when creating content to secure their interest.

As we can see, Facebook is still at the top of the top when it comes to being a leader as a social network that drives business growth. With millions of active users, it is the ideal social network for businesses, as a good strategy will bring many benefits. It allows you to increase traffic to your website, as well as being a channel of communication with your customers. It offers the opportunity to get your business out there. It provides the possibility to establish communication in order to understand and maintain your customers, who can become potential customers, thanks to the relationship and the bond that is established.


Examples of successful brands on Facebook


Injects ingenuity into images, entertainment and short texts, and takes advantage of events or dates to advertise their products. The social network Facebook becomes their ally to gain audience, where they can personalise policies and analyse information.


can a simple biscuit be an example of great communication work? Looking at Oreos, definitely yes. The amusement of their 35 million Facebook followers is always assured. Each brand's Facebook post reflects the real world from their unique perspective, and their brand is very present.


A sunglasses brand from Alicante that has changed the world of e-commerce thanks to social media. The company's new founders have focused on a strong marketing campaign by investing in Facebook Ads, Mark Zuckerberg's advertising platform, to reach the kind of customers that would allow them to promote their brand.


It is no coincidence that the Japanese manufacturer has 3 million followers, as evidenced by the launch of the RAV4 Hybrid in the Italian market, where Facebook Ads played an important role. What is the secret of their success? Strong targeting, high quality video and remarketing helped them reach 2500 potential customers, 59% of whom requested a test drive.


The most successful brands on social media are distinguished by their ability to humanise every action. Cosmetics and skincare company Dove began connecting with older consumers by posting a video asking dozens of mothers how they felt about their bodies. What's the secret to their success? Great sensitivity and empathy, mature inspirational videos and the ability to inspire public comments have helped them get thousands of comments and likes.


One of the best brands on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook, which offers a good lesson in how to take care of your online reputation, could not disappear from our list. 36 million followers worldwide have seen Starbucks' great work on Mark Zuckerberg's platform. What is the secret of their success? They post unusual photos, with advice to their followers and, most importantly, they create a connection between their product and their followers.

More than 90% of marketers use Facebook ads for businesses and brands, proving that advertising on the social network is cost-effective, requires little investment and has great targeting power. Given the "boom" of these platforms, digital marketing is a way of less for more. At OCCAM, we also believe in the advantages of facebook. What are you waiting for to start using this platform and make yourself known as a successful brand?

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