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World Graphic Design Day

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Today is the annual World Day of Graphic Design or Graphic Designer's Day, a day to pay tribute to all workers related to the graphic arts, as their function is vital today for communication, dissemination of information, culture, etc.

In 1984, the first desktop publishing systems appeared, and little by little, digital systems emerged to replace the analogue ones used previously. Today the computer is the basic and main tool of the graphic designer, as well as the use of the web, becoming a great means of dissemination and communication.

diseño gráfico

This day began to be celebrated on April 27th on the initiative of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations and the United Nations, which was founded in 1963 in the city of London.

This is a very important date for all digital communication companies, making use of this day to congratulate and thank all graphic design professionals for their work.

On this day, numerous workshops, events and exhibitions are held in which professionals in this field can exchange techniques, opinions, etc. As well as activities in which the public is shown the technology that is used today, as well as the programmes used for digital graphics.

On Graphic Design Day there are also online competitions and each year a theme is chosen on which the graphic designers will base their work, as well as graphic marathons in which the participants have to produce their work in a limited time.

diseño gráfico

The graphic designer must perceive and conceive all the necessary information and then translate it in a visual and artistic way, knowing how to really capture the essence of what you want to convey visually. Today the profession of graphic designer is one of the most demanded, as they cover a large number of sectors such as advertising, media, printing, web design, etc..

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