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Occam is a perfect marketing agency for the technology sector

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how many times have we heard about the speed with which technology is flooding our world? How often do we see new electronic devices? For some years now, it seems that 'new technologies' has become a concept that has no expiry date. The IT sector is innovative, creative and competent, and as such it seeks the right ways to publicise its advances and the new possibilities it offers us. Differentiating itself from the competition, as well as making itself known, is a priority task on which it has to work.

The Internet plays a fundamental role in this sense, and the opportunities that this network of networks offers companies can make it the best website in the technology sector. It is not an easy task, but taking advantage of them in a correct and adapted way can turn technology companies into quality websites located in the best positions in search engines. Marketing agencies are specialists in digital communication, and achieving this in the technology sector is a challenge that only some are capable of overcoming.

The problem comes when we feel that technology advances by leaps and bounds, but society does not keep pace with it. At Occam Digital Agency we are flexible; we work with an adapted model, always offering an individual service. If you want to know why our company adjusts to the demands of information technology, we suggest you read this post.

let's grow together!

Occam: we are all different and that makes us all the same

As a marketing agency, our main purpose is to offer a quality service to each client and adapt it to the specific needs of each one. We are all different, no company has the same needs or problems, and we know that. That's why we adapt to the circumstances of each one, marking a path that is based on the same structures, but that manifests itself according to individual requirements.

Our path follows the path of our feet, and at Occam we follow the following steps:

  1. Our activity begins by observing the behaviour, development, techniques, needs, strengths and weaknesses of the digital aspects of companies, as well as the competition they are facing in their sector.
  2. We analyse: After the observation comes the analysis: We study and interpret the needs of the companies in order to assess the situation and offer the best adapted service.
  3. We offer. The offer always comes hand in hand with the specific needs and/or problems that companies have. After analysing and interpreting them, we offer a marketing plan adapted to manage the tools and guide companies to the market in which they want to be competitive.
  4. We help. Our mission is always to help companies attract qualified traffic to a blog or website, transforming it into contacts, as well as accompanying and preparing them during the purchasing cycle. We want them to become real customers.

Occam is a specialised agency that works to design and implement marketing and sales strategies based on the Inbound methodology.

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what characterises Occam?

Choosing a marketing agency means putting our source of income in the hands of 'others': the company. We want and work as well as possible for it, we invest our money and time in its services, which makes the choice of a marketing agency a complex decision for its managers. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the best marketing agency, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors. Occam's activity is developed based on the following pillars of our company philosophy:

  • We know how to listen. This is our main way of learning, as we know that no one better than you can tell us how you work in your company, what objectives you would like to achieve, how you face challenges and what your main concerns are. By listening, we learn and internalise the keys to start working and launch ourselves towards the objective.
  • We adapt to you. One size does not fit all. In an online marketing agency we have to adjust and make a custom-made suit. To achieve this it is necessary to know the characteristics and peculiarities of each company. We are interested in what you do and we want you to tell us about it so that we can put ourselves in your shoes and see where you can grow.
  • We know the IT sector. We work with other technology companies, as well as companies from other sectors, focusing on the main market activities. We specialise in the world of information technology, where we acquire knowledge as it advances.
  • We cover all the areas you need. Our services are based on the Inbound Marketing methodology and are based on the use of different techniques: SEO and SEM, responsive design, email-marketing, content marketing, social media, etc. We maintain absolute coherence between all the parties involved.
  • We are digital natives. We master the digital medium because we were born and developed in it. We acquire the techniques and knowledge of the new energy that dominates the world almost like the alphabet, so we are a specialised native agency that is adjusting at full speed.
  • We combine creativity, innovation and technical solvency. Our team has a deep understanding of the metrics and tools needed to develop an Inbound Marketing campaign and best of all: we do it in a creative and original way.
  • We are passionate about what we do. We are in love with the InBound methodology, and that makes us share solid business values. Our relationships are authentic and we deliver on our promises to do our work to the best of our ability.
  • We maintain transparency, which leads us to turn our work into an ideal team based on trust and credibility, a factor that is reflected in our productivity, as it allows us to commit ourselves faithfully to our work.

A commitment to new forms of marketing

Occam has a strong corporate culture that drives us to do our work successfully and serves as the basis for any activity or commitment within the company. A commitment to innovation is at the heart of the company, a place where we place new forms of marketing.

Over the last ten years, Inbound Marketing has become increasingly important due to the changes that consumers have undergone in the way they buy. We have adapted to this, which is why we are committed to this new methodology. More and more companies are using this philosophy as the main strategy within their marketing actions.

We are digital by nature. We work with new techniques to adapt to new market demands and to help other businesses in the IT sector. Modernisation and growth are shaping our path, while the values of commitment, as well as the attitudes of motivation and passion, mark our way through companies.

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