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why is attraction the driving force behind the Inbound methodology?

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It is often impossible to decipher what might be going on in other people's minds. How many of you wish you knew what your customers or clients were thinking?

When we translate this thinking to the business landscape, we would like to know how to meet the needs of our potential customers. We ask ourselves what they are looking for, how they feel, what we can do for them. It is a first step to start working on attraction. In business this can be measured by interaction and by all those actions that demonstrate a point of interest.

what you work for, you get!

what is attraction in Inbound Marketing?

When we talk about attraction we refer to the force that moves everything. In marketing, too. So much so that, over the years, the Inbound methodology has been, in part, defined as attraction marketing. Its reasons lie in the philosophy of the method, and that is that attraction is the ultimate goal to which we aspire to achieve other goals. We write valuable content to attract potential customers.

who is not attracted by attractive content that responds to the needs or problems we have at a given moment? The person responsible for describing attraction marketing as such was Óscar del Santo. However, it is worth making some distinctions with respect to Inbound Marketing, as they are not exactly the same.

Attraction marketing, as its name suggests, refers to the attraction of users to a certain site, for example, a blog. However, Inbound Marketing goes further, as it is a much broader concept that integrates from the preparation of users to convert them into sales opportunities to the automation process of the strategy itself.

Therefore, where does the main difference lie? Nothing more and nothing less than in the scope. Attraction marketing establishes only one of the parts of Inbound itself. We are talking about the soul that drives this methodology.

The key to attraction marketing

Although it may sound logical to say that attracting users is the key to attraction marketing, it is not. You may wonder why. Well, attraction marketing is not only based on attracting, but also integrates a series of techniques to generate a process of attracting users to a particular website. What are these techniques?

  • Content marketing: In order to establish a good and perfectly adapted content strategy, it is necessary to establish a purpose, the format we are going to use and to propose a theme. Personalised, adapted and organised content allows us to educate our visitors, as well as providing them with an important meeting point. We are talking about a kind of chain, as content is the energy that keeps Inbound Marketing alive in order to achieve attraction.
  • SEO positioning: Many of you may have heard of this concept, but few of you have put it into practice. Whatever the case, it is important to be clear about what it refers to: a process by which changes are made to the structure, organisation and information of a web page in order to appear in the top positions of organic search results. It involves elements such as: meta descriptions, keywords, HTML tags, content quality, etc.
  • Social media strategy: There are different techniques to increase interaction on social networks. The strategy should take into account the frequent publication, the inclusion of attractive words, calls to action, etc. However, it is also important to know the ways to amplify the reach of the content on the networks. To do this, you can monitor, share content, evaluate efforts, etc.
  • Doyou think your content will be of any use if you don't give it the exposure it deserves? Write, publish, share and disseminate to reach your audience. The way you transmit it also counts.

Content: the king of attraction

We have talked about attraction as the soul of Inbound Marketing, we have considered content as the king of attraction, and, therefore, we are ready to tell you that without content there is no optimal attraction. In this post we wanted to go through the fundamental pillars of the Inbound methodology, as we consider it necessary that companies work on these aspects within their strategies.

A clear communicative and informative purpose, a specific topic and an adapted format turn content into attraction.

do you want to start putting it into practice?

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