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The speed of digital marketing: new trends for 2019

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The digital marketing revolution is here and now. It came slowly but it is moving very fast. Its speed has surpassed any geographical barrier, so much so, that there is almost no time to assimilate it. Therefore, companies have to say very quickly whether to join the change or continue immersed in their comfort zone. We do not want you to be left behind. Therefore, today we are ready to tell you some digital marketing trends for next year.

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Things have changed: digital marketing and new technologies

Adding the term 'new' to technologies always implies talking about a novelty. There are no technological advances that are not new, and these two concepts seem to go hand in hand. They emerge every day. Moreover, digital marketing techniques change, renew and transform themselves every little while. We have left aside intrusion to face attraction. And, in the same way, we are no longer talking about traditional marketing focused on the product but about Inbound Marketing oriented to the customer.

It is no longer enough to keep up with the pace, it is necessary to be at the forefront of growth in order to keep moving forward and put businesses and companies where they belong.

The most revolutionary trends in marketing for 2019

  1. Voice - who knew that voice could become such an essential tool in marketing? Voice search is becoming so important that some experts say that "by 2020, half of all internet search queries will be voice-based".

    Over the years, this tool has been refined and we need to start taking into account not only how our customers write, but also how they speak, which is perhaps why it is also becoming increasingly important to write in a more colloquial tone.
  1. The role of the Social CEO: Every day, internet users are direct witnesses to the amount of fake news that is circulating on the internet, which is why the presence of CEOs and senior managers is increasingly essential to generate trust and credibility.

    Brand reputation is key to attracting customers, so the CEO's role in social networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, is gaining a strong presence. Organisational communication is strategic.
  1. Artificial intelligence: The solutions driven by this technology will be remarkable. 2019 may be the year of the consecration of artificial intelligence. Its levels will have improved to the point of having improved customer profiles, more sophisticated personalisation strategies, etc.

    Content marketing expert Lisa Maferly says that "marketers should be looking at how we can use artificial intelligence as a way to understand what content a potential customer is consuming".
  1. Augmented reality and virtual reality: This may be the tool of the future for companies to improve the customer experience. How? Although it is a new phenomenon, it is true that big brands such as Ikea have already experimented with this technology. For example, the Ikea VR Experience application allows customers to try different solutions from the company before making a product purchase. Companies want to stand out from their competitors, so they analyse and study their behaviour.
  1. According to studies by HubSpot Academy, "81% of brands are currently doing video marketing", and "putting a video on a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%".

    The Washington Post predicted that "video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019". Without a doubt, video has become the most ideal medium to convey information to our users. It makes sense, as most people would rather watch a video than read written text. Remember that for video marketing to work, you need to provide value to the customer and give it to them when and how they want it.

However, for all the technological advances that may come in the new year, the greatest value and trend of all is creativity. Without it, none of this would make sense. Today's steps reveal tomorrow's reality. Today's technology behaviours reveal ways to engage your customers and deal with them for the near future.

"Life is conquered one day at a time.

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